Artificial intelligence has successfully managed to transform every field. It wouldn’t be wrong to claim that it’s just the beginning. Since cinema can take people into an alternative reality, directions are even producing movies about artificial intelligence. These movies depict their futuristic concept that is soon to be a reality shortly. To know more about these films, go through the description of the movies given below.  

  • Ex Machina (2014)

This movie, directed by Alex Garland depicts the life of a young coder Domhnall Gleeson who accompanies his boss to the latter’s mountain retreat, only to find him forced to participate in a weird experiment. In this task, he has to evaluate the human traits of a brilliant new breed of artificial intelligence, that’s caged inside the body of a beautiful girl Ava. Alicia Vikander is seen playing the role of the robot and doing justice to the character in every aspect. 

  • The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)

movies about artificial intelligence

Released in 1951, this film is a classic example of a black and white science fiction movie. We see alien Klaatu with his godfather Gort visiting the earth to deliver a warning: humans have to live peacefully; Otherwise, they have to be destroyed considering they pose risks to other planets. Director has represented AI throughout the movie and brilliantly portrayed the role of the robot Gort. 

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  • AI Artificial Intelligence (2001)

This movie is the adaptation of a short story written by the British science-fictional author Brian Aldiss. This movie depicts an AI-integrated character named David, who’s a prototype mecha advanced cybertronic humanoid who’s equipped to display human emotions. The movie is outstanding as is evident from an IMDb rating of 9 out of 10. If you are a movie freak you are sure to love watching AI artificial intelligence, irrespective of your personal movie preferences. 

  • WALL-E (2008)

In the list of movies about artificial intelligence, how can one miss out on WALL-E? The movie’s full form is Waste Allocation on Load Lifter Earth class. In this movie, WALL_E is the last existing robot on this planet. His work is to keep the earth clean. He can pick one piece of garbage at one time. This robot inadvertently ventured on a journey that impacted the fate of mankind eventually. 

The depiction of an emotional robot trying to keep the earth clean ironically portrays the end of the human race.

  • Her (2013)

movies about artificial intelligence

This movie was released in 2013. Ever since then, it has remained to be one of the finest films that depict artificial intelligence. This movie focuses on the idea of ​​humans becoming acquainted with AI-integrated technology. In the process, the movie highlights the lack of emotional faculty in robots. 

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In this movie, a shy writer buys an AI system, intending to help him write. However, in the process, he falls in love with it. Watch the movie to know what happens next! 

  • Hobbs and shaw (2019)

Lawman Luke Hobbs and another man Deckard Shaw come together to form an alliance when the world was threatened by a cyber genetically, the improved villain threatens to end humanity. Though both the main characters have each other to the core, they have very little option other than compromising their differences and standing against something faster, bigger, and a stronger threat. 

  • I, Robot (2004)

Released in 2004, this movie was inspired by the short story collection written by Isaac Asimov, of the same name. The movie is set in 2035 and depicts what the future dominated by artificial intelligence is expected to look like. 

In this movie, a technophobic cop based in Chicago suspects that an anthropomorphic servant droid Sonny is a rogue. The cop also doubted Sonny for his master’s death. Someone pushed the person from the 50th floor of a building and Sonny is the prime suspect. Watch the movie to know what happens next. 

These are the blockbuster science fiction movies about artificial intelligence. Though the list is endless, these movies are especially rewarded and crucially acclaimed for their depiction of artificial intelligence in innovative ways. Have you watched any of them yet? If not, stream them now! 

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