As we know human beings have five senses but an electronic device that communicates with us uses only two ways which are sight and hearing. The haptic feedback also changes all these by simulating the sense of touch. It not only can touch a computer or other device which the computer can touch it back. Haptic feedback is a way of communication that can be a specific technology or application. There is nothing less than a new way for humans and machines to communicate. Does this article provide all the information about what is haptic feedback?

what is haptic feedback


The term haptic might not seem strange to you and you must have heard about it before in some way or the other. The different haptic feedback mechanisms are made for some of the other achievements such as creating a unique experience for users by using vibrations, motions, or force. Both Android and Apple devices are built with good potential.

The use of haptic technology Hass brought a lot of positive changes in the working of many devices. Haptic technology is now integrated into a wide range of devices for several purposes. Read this post till the end to know more about haptic feedback technology.

What is haptic feedback can also look like anyway and the sensations are available in a limited way especially used in a consumer device?

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There are different sorts of sensations that are available and helpful in a consumer device. Many vibrations are usually felt with the hands that are common for haptic feedback.

Now comes the tactile sensations which the people think to touch a part called the somatosensory system.

The haptic feedback also encompasses all kinds of sensations which however simulate the somatosensory system which is a huge challenge for Microsoft.

It may have an order magnitude that is larger in complexity. Here is some kind of sensations which is as painful as do not want the user to experience.

So the haptic feedback also targets a specific of the somatosensory system. There is a large number of haptic device which communicates the receptors of the hand.

A small portion of haptic feedback is very helpful and also the widespread vibration in mobile phones shows.

It has limited use of haptic feedback which can be very useful to the widespread simple vibration of the mobile phone.

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It is a family of technologies rather than only technology but much haptic technology also communicates their sense of touch which can achieve it differently.

what is haptic feedback


There are some kinds of haptic technologies which are as follows: –

  • Vibralactone Haptics: They create vibrations that have a tactile effect on the mobile phone and game. It also controls ultrasound waves which have a combined pressure of the waves to interact with a force that can be used on a user’s hand.
  • Microfluidic: -It is made of air or liquid which is pushed into the small chambers within a smart textile or some kind of device which can create a pocket of pressure on the user’s skin.
  • Force Control: It is a lever of a large-scale mechanical device that is also used to exert force on a hand, limbs, or full body portion.
  • Surface Haptics: -It also modulates friction between a user’s finger and the touch of a screen to create a versatile effect.

Information on “what is haptic feedback” is found in everything from mobile phones to aircraft simulation systems and it serves a lot of different purposes as well.

But, when added to the user interface, haptics is all about reducing task completion time to improve accuracy.

It also provides multisensory experiences which incorporate haptics that increase to recognize from central to natural interaction to the next generation of UX design.

What is haptic feedback in terms of VR and spatial computing is largely about increasing the user’s sense of presence.

This is not simply about making virtual bubbles that will feel like real bubbles coming out in your hands.

Thus, haptic feedback is a device that enhances audio-visual communication and opens up the possibility of creating a new product and market.