It also makes use of a platform for simulating movements like walking, needing shoe covers, and special shoes along with a surface that can reduce friction. It works in an adjoined way with many other devices and also lets the users keep walking in a restricted game number. In the year 2013, Virtuix Omni was titled one of the top ten technological campaigns which raised nearly $ 1.1 million in funds. From then till now, the company has been able to raise an additional $ 35 million for institutional and private investors.

Though primarily declared to release in January 2014, the generation of Omni started back in November 2015. The backers of Kickstarter started to receive the orders in the 3rd week of January in the year 2017. 

Virtuix OmniSource:

In the middle of the year 2017, the company can’t provide a new Omni version known as Omni Pro to its clients apart from providing it only for commercial usage. Virtuix Omni has been shipping over 3,500 Omni Pro mechanisms for daring to more than 500 different locations of commerce. Another upgraded version of this device known as Omni One is about to be launched in the latter part of 2021. Omni Virtuix is ​​more of a movement simulator created to function the way a game controlling device does and lets the gaming enthusiasts walk in the environment of the game within which everyone plays. 

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It is also used in combination with different devices for a completely VR gaming setup. The surface is designed to be rounded in shape and needs shoes with lower friction. Inertial sessions are also used for tracking the position of a person, stride length, and pace of movement. The data is then transferred to the computer which can translate data into movements in the game. 

The presently used Virtuix Omni can also contribute to maintaining the stability of the player within the ring, without requiring leg strapping. Since it continues to top the supporting ring, the player can keep turning at a rapid pace while running, jogging, or walking even if the user is not causing any kind of rotation in the vertical support with them. As it was the main release, motion tracking us widely improved, lets for a greater speed range for the player. 

Omni One makes use of a vest and not a harness for higher freedom and comfort of locomotion such as jumping and crouching. Virtuix Omni can be used for sports and military training as well. 

What are the features of Virtuix Omni?

Some of the remarkable features of Virtuix Omni are as follows: 

  • High automation 

It has an integrated staging level which comprises 11 television sets, 8 different seats, and 11 touch screens with higher output using just a single attendant. 

  • Improved guest experience 

Inclusive of all the shows that take place before and after the game results in the app getting queued along with messaging and recording of gameplay for the social sharing with a built-in logo. Just 15 minutes of charge can give you endless fun. 

  • Wide range of games to play 

The  Virtuix Omni showcases games from different genres brought together from the omniverse group with 20 different games, attracting several guests. People can experience very high VR without restrictions. No settling is needed for the standard-only VR games. 

  • Increased revenue 

With the use of Virtuix Omni, one can earn very high rewards that are sponsored by some of the most well-known companies. It can also be used to develop a group of casual players. Reaching a newer audience of players that one might not know before. 

Virtuix Omni


These are some of the most commendable features of Virtuix Omni. These features are also reasons why it is gaining immense popularity over the years. There are a lot more features of Virtuix Omni to consider these are the significant ones. This is a good choice for people who are fitness freaks as well as gaming enthusiasts at the same time. Virtuix Omni can be availed in many different versions and the users can choose the model as per their requirements. 

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