UseTopic is a digital writing assistant device that streamlines the content creation procedure and assists writers to create and edit content in half the time. UseTopic is hence a time-saving AI tool that’s fast and offers flawless services.

This tool was launched by Nki and Ryo, in Los Angeles in 2011. Since then, several businesses and organizations use this tool to create SEO-rich content. This tool also helps people to enhance the quality of their content by suggesting edits. Ultimately, it contributes to getting your organic search increased.


Who uses UseTopic?

As we already mentioned this is one of the most demanded AI tools amongst top businesses. This tool already has built a varied customer base with its premium services. For anyone who’s struggling to scale their content program or attract organic traffic to their website, UseTopic is what you need. People who have subscribed to their premium services haven’t regretted doing so.

How does Use Topic work?

Use Topic works online and is very easy to be used. You have to create an account if you are using it for the first time. From next time onwards, you simply have to log in with the credentials. Once you are in, you can see some amazing features and tools that allow people to improvise their content to the maximum.

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There’s no need to copy-paste or cut-paste contents. You can work directly on the site and share from here as well. Let’s now discuss some major features of UseTopic.

What are the UseTooic features?

Use Topic is popular because of its useful features. We have enlisted some of them below:

  • Research Assistant

 This is a major feature of Use Topic that enhances its utility. It provides you with key topics to write on. Thus you don’t have to brainstorm and research on the internet for ideas. Hence, Use Topic reduces the manual research process to zero which is extremely time-saving.

  • Outline Builder

This feature readily gives a straightforward outline of what your topic should cover. No matter whether it’s a blog or guest post, UseTooic would list down the important points, thus making your work a lot faster and easier.

  • SEO content grader

This tool even gives you feedback on your writing skills! It displays the word count, readability score, and gaps. This tool even detects the weak points in your content, enabling you to take action accordingly.

  • Languages

The tool is available to be used in different languages ​​at your convenience like German, French, English, Italian, and Portuguese.

  • Geo-targeting

You would be impressed to know that can target marketing linking to different locations across the globe. In the process, it expands your audience base.

Advantages of using Use Topic

To allow people to work on Use Topic seamlessly, it comes with Google docs and WordPress plugins. Let’s see what more benefits people can derive from UseTopic.

  • Differently priced services

When you enter Use Topic, you would see three different plans that charge different rates and provide different perks. You can subscribe to any of the plans, according to your convenience. We have discussed the pricing in detail later in this post.

  • Sharing 

This allows people to share their edited content via Use Topic with multiple groups on different social media sites. This is a huge plus point.

  • Intelligent interface 

The user interface of this AI tool is extremely well designed. It’s straightforward and intuitive and hence you don’t need any technical know-how to use it.

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How much does Usetopic cost?

The topic offers three price packages to choose from. If you are a beginner and willing to see how efficient it is, you can subscribe to the starter plan, which costs only $ 99 / month. If you want to edit more than 10 topics every month, you can opt for the plus plan at $ 199 / month. The premium plan allows you to create more than 50 content briefs at $ 299 / month.

As you can see, Use Topic is an extremely handy tool that’s advanced and useful. With its plentiful features, it allows people to create suitable content just like they want. The biggest benefit of using UseTopic is that it saves people time. Not just that, it allows people to be creative in less time. Its efficiency is highly enhanced by the intuitive interface. Overall, Use Topic is useful and completely worth anyone’s investment.