ShortlyAI is one such writing app that makes use of AI for generating text. It is such an application that is designed for helping you to improve your writing skills and produce good blog posts. The user interface of this application is simple yet strong. There are many other writing apps attached that make use of AI and can be used for generating a particular system of style, which means that the data you input can help in getting a text output in the box which can be copied and pasted in the blog you write.


Shortly AI functions better when used as a content assistant which is based on AI. It also allows you to type at first and then you can find the write for me option which allows you to create a prompt for all writers for some time. It is one of the very few tools that can be used for writing effectively.

There are many benefits of using ShortlyAI such as:

  • Can be used very easily
  • Strong commands
  • Copy of ads
  • Allows blog writing
  • Unlimited words
  • High-quality writing

What are the main features of ShortlyAI?

ShortlyAI has lots of features to talk about. It is a very good application to use for all those who are crazy about writing. There are unlimited features offered by this application. It makes remarkable use of Shortly AI. However, some of the very crucial features that can be useful for writers are discussed below as follows:

  1. Easy user interface 

This app has an extremely easy user interface to offer. It is based on text editing. This can make it interesting for the users who are familiar with word processor styling and everything related.

  1. Briefing 

When creating content in a text editor, a brief can be added in a little box towards the side which can provide a lot of content to the AI ​​to help in working with more potential.

  1. Length of output 

When writing in the Shortly AI application, a slider can be used for changing the text amount which can be produced every time the write for me button is clicked. This is important in this work whole majority of writing apps with AI are not good enough.

  1. Write to me option 

When the block of writers is hitting hard, just touch this button and the generator of AI can help a lot. If the writing which is created is not satisfying, the regenerate option can be clicked on for good results. The amount of content created also can be produced whenever a portable slider is used.

  1. Commands 

If there are no writing functions in the menu, many other text commands can be implemented in this application.

  1. Adds value 

ShortlyAI has a lot of value. Though there are lots of counterparts in the market, there are so many services offered by this application. There are no issues with using this it. The most important thing is that all writing applications are comparatively new to be used and errors can take place even while using the most reliable tools.

Is ShortlyAI free to use?

Shortly AI can be availed for a particular price for the application. For those who want to pay it monthly, you might have to pay $ 39.99 while you write though if you want to pay through an entire year it can be reduced to $ 24.99. You must note that you can avail of a free trial version of Shortly AI which can let you use the generation of AI before the commitment.


So, this was just a short overview of ShortlyAI which is an extremely useful application based on AI. It is very easy to use and there are no complex steps that you must follow to use this application. There are many other similar kinds of applications in the market but this one stands apart from the rest in terms of every feature.