If you are a Star Wars fan and claim that you never dream of being a Sith or Jedi, you are lying. Until now, Star Wars enthusiasts never found a way to turn this into reality.

Recently Lenovo collaborated with Disney and launched the Lenovo Star Wars Jedi Challenges. The game is not an ordinary video game. It, however, comes with a complete Jedi kit comprising Lenovo’s AR augmented mirage headset and replica lightsaber. This opportunity is like a dream come true for all-star war fans.

Lenovo Star Wars: Jedi Challenges

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Star Wars: Jedi Challenges Hardware specs

Lenovo’s latest Jedi Challenges is kind of a technical marvel! This concept combines some technologies into an innovative device that works incredibly well.

Let’s talk about the mirage AR augmented headset. The device is more chunky and plastic than headsets usually are. But it has to be that way. Despite its large size, people can wear it comfortably and survive scrapes and bumps. You can even see the gaming environment through the curved plastic. Also, there’s plenty of ventilation to ensure users don’t feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic.

However, the design isn’t the striking feature of the headset. Rather, it’s the technology. Star Wars: Jedi Challenges is compatible with mobile applications and hence requires only a smartphone. If you have got your hands on this game, it’s worth seeing how this concept creates an AR mixed reality environment by mixing the real-world environment with images created by your smartphone.


The Star Wars: Jedi Challenges kit also comes with a lightsaber. It has a fingerprint-prone chrome finish and looks gorgeous. The lightsaber is durable but lightweight. With this, you are expected to survive two or three intense battles.

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Now that we know the components available with Lenovo star wars Jedi Challenges, let’s go through its gameplay.

Star Wars: Jedi Challenges gameplay

You can enjoy playing Lenovo Star Wars Jedi Challenges only when you play with the components. Slide the headset over your head and witness how all the game challenges unfurl right in front of you. No one would believe it’s the phone that’s creating the entire experience and vision, by reflecting the lightsaber’s blue blade light before your eyes.

Lenovo Star Wars: Jedi Challenges

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When you watch Sith in Jedi battles dancing around you, you might feel intimidated. The basic controls of the game are quite easy to comprehend. There are on-screen prompts that assist you in navigating here and there. By taking hints from the screen, you have to line up and resist incoming blows. The screen would also highlight opportunities for you to indicate the right time to strike.

Don’t think the Lenovo Star Wars Jedi Challenges would let you face off a Sith lord right in the beginning. Getting to the game’s climax isn’t that easy. Initially, every player has to go up against warriors like Vader or Darth Maul. Players have to take two or more combat trials against stronger foes. As you notice waves of enemies coming toward you, you can utilize the lightsaber to deflect bullet fire. This experience is extremely satisfying. Players can make use of The Force to throw enemies here and there in the virtual gaming zone.

Lenovo collaborated

What every player is concerned about is whether or not the Lenovo Star Wars Jedi challenge is worth the investment. The game is indeed a source of immense fun, but charging such a huge sum from players is too much to ask for. If Lenovo and Disney managed to lower the price to some extent, the game would have become more affordable. Considering its current price, players are interested in buying the game but are unable to do so.

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Players are anticipating more collaboration from Lenovo and other brands in the future. If Lenovo collaborated with Disney yet again to develop immersive experiences like the mirage headset at a lower cost, it would be a different matter. Lenovo, in its partnership with Disney, has developed the best AR augmented headset ever launched in the market. Players don’t want to miss this opportunity to try something new solely because it’s too pricey. Let’s see what the future holds in store for us.