Kat walk C is the first-ever gaming dedicated treadmill which also allows personal VR and is multi-dimensional. An all-new generation of mechanical equipment which lets you move completely 360 ° human locomotion, developing particular movement regions in the VR based on the low physical area in real. This new equipment is one of the most advanced walking equipment that runs with VR and is best suited to be used in the home and is also priced reasonably. 

Kat walk C

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Why is Kat walk C unique from the rest?

The Kat walk C is the only multidimensional treadmill that runs on VR in the market that is designed completely to be used personally and is optimized for a better gaming session. Considering the requirements of all gamers in the mind, this has been created as the best VR locomotive solution that can make the immersion way more intense, decrease motion sickness, and let unrestricted movement in the VR-based organic gait with high simulation. 

The most important thing which makes it distinctive from the rest is the proper combination of all features that can make it the best choice at a very nominal price. A customer can get it all without having to make any compromise with the user experience and performance. 

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You can now run, walk and sprint organically in the virtual world as Kat walk C sets no limitations on your movement. This walking equipment has the full optimization required for supporting your walking session. 

  • Freedom of movements 

You can now practice a wide range of horizontal and vertical movements. Sneak, crouch, pickup, hide, and a lot more. The Kat walk C also lets you practice other movements that might be needed to make your workout much more adventurous. 

  • Compact in nature 

Kat walk C is by far the best compact multidimensional treadmill that supports VT. This walking equipment needs very little space which makes it the best addition to your workout space. 

  • HMD supported Kat walk C.

The Kat walk C can be used by pairing it with a headset. It is supportive of nearly all well-known forms and brands so you need not worry about whether your gadget can be paired with it or not.

  • PSVR and SteamVR support 

The Kat walk C enables you to play any kind of PSVR and SteamVR free movement games. There are so many games of this kind that can be tried. 

  • Adjustable shoes 

The Kat walk can be adapted to suit your own choices and requirements. It offers a pair of shoes that can adjust with almost 4 different friction levels and it makes the product provide the best experience. It is built with very lightly weighted precise sensors which can keep a track of every single foot movement you make. 

Kat walk C

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Overall, the Kat walk C appears quite similar to the top-quality VR treadmill that is in demand for years now. Though other models of the Katwalk treadmill were also commendable the outreach of everyday users of VR has been growing provided other factors like their cost and size.

Kat walk can now be seen to undergo shrinkage with a low price because the Kat walk model signifies the fact that more and more people will be investing in at least one such walking equipment shortly. The most important thing to consider is that the Kat walk has high compatibility with a different movement-related games that can be availed on VR devices. Also, different VR-supported sets can work very effectively with this device. 

The Kat walk can be a very productive addition to your daily fitness routine particularly if you are someone who enjoys gaming. This walking device is supportive of many other VR-supported headsets which is also a great advantage for the users. It doesn’t take up a lot of place in your home which is another thing to consider. Overall, to look through all important factors Kat walk is worth the amount one might invest in buying one. 

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