You must be wondering what Kat Loco isWell, it’s a foot-based VR locomotion system that is designed to offer complete physical control over one’s lower body actions. This device ensures that the person can walk freely, run or do a plethora of other activities where body movements are involved. Due to its brilliant room-scale support, Kat Loco allows people to move naturally in their physical space. Besides it also provides unlimited, unrestricted movement on spot, enabling you to utilize your play area to the fullest.

Kat Loco


When talking about movement in virtual reality, you must have noticed that players are used to either smooth locomotion or teleportation. However, technology now allows exploration in other areas as well, depending on the extent of immersion you want to experience.

Kat Loco

You must be aware of Kat VR’s original omnidirectional treadmill development. Its latest development, Kat Loco is different from the former product in so many aspects.

Of all the wearable VR locomotion systems available for players, Kat Loco is the best of all. It caters to your requirement for physical space and facilitates unlimited physical movement in non-physical zones. Isn’t it wonderful! By integrating the device with foot-controlled, natural movement, this device ensures to boost your immersion experience and works on reducing motion sickness. To make sure Kat Loco is a truly useful product; Kat VR has acquired thorough knowledge for more than 7 years and integrated the device with the latest VR technologies.

  • Built

Kat Loco sensors are wireless. This makes the device easy to set up and use. It comes with super durable lithium-ion polymer batteries that allow continuous 10 hours of gaming. The moment you wear the wireless sensors, you can start to experience your virtual adventures instantly!

  • Functioning

As we already stated, this product is entirely different from the previous device that Kat VR developed. Unlike the Omni directional treadmill, the latest development is not space-consuming. It’s foot-based and consists of three pucks. Two pucks must be fixed around the user’s ankles while the third puck must be attached to his belly. The moment you attach the device to yourself, you can run or walk and experience a surreal virtual experience. Kat VR knows that restricted movement is a great barrier to gaming. Hence, to ensure a comfortable VR gameplay, the Kat Loco is designed to allow unrestricted movement of players.

Kat Loco


You can move forward by simple jogging. Movement is smooth and hassle-free. You can move backward or punish at your wish. These movements are however essential for first-person shooter games. This device also includes a cruise control feature, which allows players to move in the same direction maintaining the same speed, without involving any leg movement.

  • Compatibility

This latest device has been made compatible with the latest VR headsets like Quest, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and HTC vive. SteamVR compatible devices can also support Kat Loco.

Advanced Features of Kat Loco 

Below enlisted are the major features of Kat Loco

  • Wireless Bluetooth connection to deliver the best user experience.
  • Analog speed and low latency through deepened immersion.
  • Room-scale support is provided for more precise actions.
  • A deep integration sensor system was incorporated to track footsteps accurately.
  • Super durable batteries for enhanced convenience.
  • The device also helps people to chalk out architectural projects in highly realistic environments, allowing visitors to roam around freely and enjoy the vibe.
  • With Kat Loco, you can now spend time with your friends in the virtual world and get fully immersed in VR.
  • This latest device gives the combined feeling of pleasure mixed with business. Get ready to find innumerable ways to stay fit and fine by indulging in the best VR experiences.

Overall the device has revived positive reviews from people. It makes use of cutting-edge VR locomotion techniques to ensure that nothing but the best, realistic experience is delivered to people. With its deep integrated sensors and smart algorithms, this device facilitates high movement accuracy which is extremely essential in enhancing your interaction with virtual spaces.