Kat VR is a globally recognized company that has been developing immersive VR technologies. Since 2013, the company has devoted itself to creating solutions for the latest VR locomotion. Its omnidirectional treadmills were popular overnight. Recently it developed a better device for a realistic VR experience, called Kat loco. Today, the company has launched an even better and improved version of the Kat Loco device, the Kat Loco S. In this post, we have talked about this device in detail. So without delaying any further, continued to read below:

Kat Loco S

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What is Kat Loco S? 

Do you know you can order your favorite Kat Loco S online now? But, are you still wondering what this device is about? Well, it’s a loco device that provides users with tracking pucks that have to be attached to their waist and ankles, so that movements can be tracked as an input method in VR. Once you attach the pucks to your legs, any movement in the real-world environment will take you to a spot in VR. This device lets your body and mind work independently. The head can look around in one direction while the body can move around in the opposite direction.

The Kat Loco S is the improved version of the first loco system developed by Kat VR, called Kat loco. The second generation of this series is further improved, revamped, and efficient. It offers magnetic interference resistance, which enhances user experience and stability as well as calibration.

  • functioning 

There’s no difference in terms of the device’s structure or functioning. The only difference is that it offers enhanced experiences to people. Like its former model, the Kat Loco S also includes three small, lightweight pucks that have to be attached to the waist and ankles. The device tracks the person’s on-spot physical movement and transforms it immediately into virtual locomotion.

  • Specs 

This device weighs about 35g / 1.23oz each. The pucks feature a Bluetooth 4.2 connection, which works within a range of 3 meters. With a 370 mAh battery, players can experience a thorough experience for about 7 continuous hours. The device can remain charged for up to 50 days. Kat Loco S also supports the Kat gateway software to set up and adjust various parameters. We have talked about the device’s compatibility in detail in the next section.

  • Compatibility 

When it comes down to compatibility, Kat Loco S works with all major headsets. This includes Quest 2 and Quest when the player uses SteamVR content, through any virtual desktop or oculus link. This device is equally compatible with PlayStation VR but might ask for an additional adapter. Besides all the above, users can also enjoy keyboard support.

Benefits offered by Kat Loco S. 

Mostly, the benefits are associated with the enhancement of its services. This device was mainly developed to revamp the previous model and deliver an even better experience to players.

If you have used this device, you can understand it’s more useful and gives a better VR experience. It prevents motion sickness. Often people feel dizzy when being transformed into another realm.

With the Kat Loco S, nothing of that sort is likely to happen. That’s huge usefulness. It also ensures that you don’t bump into things if you are playing in a closed space. Hence, it highly enhances your VR gaming experience to a great extent, catering to what players look for and satisfying them to the core in the process.

Kat Loco S

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Another related benefit is it provides an optimized gaming experience to players. Kat VR has ensured that it includes all the latest VR locomotion requirements in this device to grant access to the decoupled body and head movements.

The device also ensures non-linear speed in all games. Besides delivering low motion latency, Kat Loco S also delivers high movement accuracy.

Kat VR is currently working on other locomotion models as well. It’s planning to hit a funding goal for the development of an Oculus Quest compatible model. However, this development is not taking place anytime soon. Right now you have the latest Kat Loco S and you must try it out.