The most important uses of very effective systems based on virtual reality which keeps rising with the present condition of the market higher than the conventional gaming market. Virtual reality is also utilized for visualizing information in the industrial field. The defense sector can also make use of virtual reality for creating simulations in the environment for training soldiers, pilots, and other response teams which work in crisis for dangerous situations where they make use of realistic equipment.

haptic vest / VR vest


The costs related to the technology that is used for decreasing and many other industries like manufacturing, automation, education, healthcare, and rehab. Many other sectors are going to integrate the technology of virtual reality along with haptic techniques to drive through the market or virtual reality in a unique way. This revolution helps wearable clothing to start playing a crucial role in this regard.

Motion capture

There is another mechanism called motion capture which is also used in Haptic Vest / VR Vest. It makes use of different sensors for transferring the exact location of the entire body to the virtual environment. A full-body haptic vest can work with the technology of motion capturing in a suit that is controlled by the dynamics which can work even better in a virtual environment.

So basically aurora system had launched the interactor vest which has been conceived by the aurora VP of audio and video technologies so that sound can be felt from television shows and video games.

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Thus the vest was an attire of force feedback device which also monitors an audio signal which is necessary for aurora patented electromagnetic actuator technology to convert the bass audio waves into vibrate mode which can also represent actions. This vest is also worn over the upper waist and an audio signal can reproduce a speaker which is in the vest.

Telecommunication System

Researchers like Ryan Genz and Francesca Rosella had designed the Hug shirt. It is an attire of telecommunication system which helps the person to send the kind of hugs to a far close one. It also features touch sensors and several haptic actuators which work together and tries to recreate the touch over the person who is far away.

The sensor part which is placed on the vest helps to capture the touch of the person who is wearing the vest and thus the data is passed to their phone. Over there the hug app will pass a hug message which will be transferred to the person who is wearing the second hug shirt at another location.

How does the technology used in VR Vest work? 

Both augmented reality and virtual reality are technologies used in these bests and it can be accomplished only when the senses of the human body get involved. Incorporating the transcutaneous nerve stimulation system which works on electricity has high accuracy tracking of motion which helps these suits to achieve a better immersion. This technology is the one that uses electricity generated by any decision to stimulate the nerves.

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This is used to provide therapy and can also be used for improving and magnifying the immersion level with the VR experience. The output might get blurred in the line which is amidst the realistic world and the virtual world.

haptic vest / VR vest


Causing compression in the chest area can be done through sensors in a Haptic Vest / VR Vest that provided another technology called electrocardiogram for monitoring the activity and rate at which the heart functions. This allows a better working or decreasing the level of gameplay offering another interesting scenario to all players, or providing any chance of recovery. 

The various thermocouples are used for monitoring the temperature throughout the gaming procedure and can also send signals about the mechanism of climate control which must be active.

 The reality faced by all experiences can be improved using a climate control mechanism that can offer the game much more realistic sensations. These sensations can also be related to temperature and the thermostat which is used by the content provider.