Haptic suits and vests are one of the revolutionary wearable devices in the field of virtual reality. The haptic suit can also be called a haptic vest, gaming suit, or tactile suit. It also allows the user to completely immerse into the virtual world and experience the same.

haptic suits and vests

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Haptic suits and vests

Climate control, motion capture, biometric, and sensory-based systems enable the user to dive into the world of virtual reality. The simulations can also be used in the virtual objects of the VR / AR environment, which can control these virtual objects and enhance the remote control system.

So here are some advantages of the usage of the haptic suit :

  • It is a freedom of movement
  • It is flexible
  • The health monitors and analyzes faster.
  • The body is comparatively large for reading the data
  • It has a wireless connection that analyzes the performance of exercises and sports.
  • It has a better virtual experience.
  • It is of self-adjusting temperature which cools the garments during and before the exercise.

The haptic suits and vests are remotely going to theaters, exhibitions, galleries, virtual museums, etc. It also showcased supernatural and paranormal characters in the virtual theme parks, also taking part in complex music featuring a singer, listener, or musician. It simulates visceral experience as VR flight simulators or sounds and smells experiences. IN cinema there is the use of full aural, visual, and haptic interfaces.

haptic suits and vests


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Smart clothing is well-designed electronic pants with microcomputers and sensors which is worn as ordinary cloth and provide an added value to the user by the virtue of more innovative technology. Smart clothing is divided into three types based on their advantages, they are-

  • The first type is known as passive smart textiles which can perceive the data about the condition of the situation. For example-the plasma-treated clothing fabric with an optical sensor and ultraviolet protection clothing etc.
  • The second type is the active smart textile which comprises both actuators and sensors to memorize shapes and keep the chameleon effect and resist water regulate temperature and absorb vapor.
  • The third type is the ultra-smart textiles which not only sense desperate data types but also fit external conditions without preliminary tuning and making a forecast.

Virtual reality tackles the issues of the educational process. There are a few reasons why virtual reality essentially stands out, which are as follows-

  • It converts an abstract object to a material object.
  • It also allows to observe the teacher and to interact with numerous people.
  • It is a faster and more efficient solution to teaching and studying.

The sports training also required accurate biometric systems and motion capture which haptic suits can fix the following problems-

  • It can track individual players and the movement of teams.
  • The suit features varying muscle loading and real-time monitoring of vitals which is dependent on the collected data.
  • It also enhances oxygen and blood circulation which is delivered to soft tissues and muscles.
  • It also reduced body mass.
  • It is pain relief in the rehabilitation process and decreases the usage of the drug.
  • It also increases lean body mass and muscle activation.

Medical training is one of the biggest simulations in the modern world. It also affects life and health directly during surgical and first aid operations. The haptic feedback system is also used in surgery.

We are now moving forward to the conclusion let us look at some steps to pertain to affective haptics, they are as follows-

  • The haptic simulation is successfully required to achieve a higher level of emotional immersion during an emotional breakdown.
  • The interpretation of the haptic simulation by human beings is highly contextual.

The haptic suits and vests are the future of reality technology and clothing. It has also been designed to help people to learn new things and abstract present in the world efficiently. Though much research and cost are required to produce an accurate, flexible, lightweight, and multi-purpose suit, it has full potential to replace the normal clothing and standard of learning and living.