When use hears the term exoskeleton suits, the first image that comes to our mind is that of iron man. Though these suits do offer some kind of robotic strength, they are far from the suits that marvel heroes wear.

The usefulness of exoskeleton suits is slowly becoming widespread. If you are looking for exosuits fit to be worn in the construction sector, these suits are the best device to opt for. As per recent reports, the demand for these suits is likely to hit millions by 2025. As of last year, 6,000 exoskeleton suits were bought mainly by rehabilitation centers across the globe. With every passing day, people are becoming aware of their usefulness and their demand is rising.

exoskeleton suits

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What are exoskeleton suits? 

In simple words, the exoskeleton suit is a wearable suit that works in tandem with the user. The suit is specifically designed to amplify, enhance and restore human performance.

There are different varieties of exoskeleton suits manufactured. Some suits are made from tough raw materials like metal or carbon fiber while some are made from soft elastic items. People can customize these suits. They can be equipped with additional sensors and electronics or powered by electricity. They can also be mechanical and passive. Different suits cover different parts of the body. Some provide full-body coverage while some cover only the lower portion or certain specific parts of the body like the ankle, hip, or shoulder.

To enhance human performance and efficiency, the exoskeleton suits use robotics and biomechatronics.

Applications of exoskeleton suits 

People wonder how this huge metallic suit is useful. As we already mentioned, these suits aren’t anything like the ones we see in science fiction movies.

exoskeleton suits

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Some of the latest models of exoskeleton suits are developed to encase the body of paralyzed patients so that they can deal with spinal injury or illness and can stand and walk.

However, most exoskeleton suits designed are compact devices, meant to cover specific parts of the body. Some include motors while others are self-powered. The ones that are made from soft, elastic materials are called exosuits. No matter what kind of exoskeleton suit you are wearing, the purpose is to provide support to muscles and joints.

In some countries, rehab centers have already started providing these suits to patients to improve their working ability. We have discussed in detail two of the most important applications of exoskeleton suits.

  • Multiplying Strength

The metal exoskeleton suits are fitted with mechanical or motorized muscles to augment the user’s strength. It mirrors the person’s internal skeletal structure. When you are wearing an exosuit, you feel objects lighter than they are. Sometimes, people feel objects are weightless. Hence, this reduces the risk of injuries in several cases.

These suits were first developed for the military. With time, the healthcare sector started to incorporate exoskeleton suits and now even manufacturing industries are also using exosuits. You can find prominent use of these suits in the agriculture and construction industries.

  • Reducing Injury

These suits are mainly designed to reduce fatigue and exhaustion among workers, especially in the construction sector. Construction workers are likely to suffer from poor health. With the help of the exoskeleton suits, workers are expected to get less tired and perform better.

With time, companies are trying to develop better versions of exosuits. For instance, intending to eliminate the burden of repetitive work, companies are designing an endurance-enhancing assistive upper body exosuit. This device is specially built to help workers to manage overhead work efficiently.

The exoskeleton suits are expensive. It’s doubtful if they can be made cheaper and comfortable enough for mediocre workers to wear. We also doubt if these suits, by lessening the efforts required to work and be active, would eliminate the health benefits associated with body movements and exercises. This is a serious concern because scientists are assuming that people are likely to put the least effort into doing things. However, they are expecting that people would continue to work and run like before and keep their bodies active. Scientists have even emphasized that exoskeleton suits aim to enable people to be up and moving, as much as they can be.