So the concept was launched in 2012 by Tuncay Cakmak. While he was doing his studies at the Technical University of Vienna where he tested and launched the prototype. In the year 2013, he established Cyberith and made a group for further establishment of the device. He had shown the device to different exhibitions which were held in Europe. He had also shared the progress with the people through the Cyberith Youtube Channel.

Cyberith Virtualizer

Cyberith Virtualizer

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So basically the idea of ​​Cyberith Virtualizer is to eliminate players of all distractions that could prevent it from full immersion. The developers also went to many lengths to see that users would feel that are truly a portion of the virtual reality. The Oculus Rift helps to provide the visual way of virtual reality that is mostly dependent on outdated input devices which are designed for previous generations of computers. Thus the Cyberith Virtualizer also used a flat base plate with good friction which closely mimics a regular treadmill’s base is made up of simple socks and works in conjunction with the movable ring construction and it also placed the person inside the harness which also allows for a simple movement.

There is one good thing these products don’t require any kind of special shoes; one can wear their regular shoe for use. The second Cyberith Virtualizer uses a degree of freedom or motion platform for supporting the walking movement of the one that will use. While walking forwards the base will incline in front of the user so that the feet will glide back to the user more smoothly because of the support of the gravity. If the person starts to walk back then the inclination of the base will follow the movement of continuously supporting the gliding of the feet through gravity.

Cyberith Virtualizer


So like jumping, kneeling, or running which are truly translated by the system of three pillars into the digital reality. It also measures less than one centimeter and the system makes it possible to move from the binary standing toward a more possible reflection of the person’s proper position in the space. The Cyberith Virtualizer also supports the sitting position and it not only helps the players to immerse themselves while they sit behind a virtual steering wheel but also gives proper support and also a way how to give a temporarily relaxed position.

 To assemble the Cyberith Virtualizer one requires the following steps: –

  • It comprises proper assembling of the plate of flat base as well as a base support for all pillars. The plate is located with many visual trackers for the angular speed and direction of the feet of players.
  • The next step to follow is assembling all three pillars. One amongst all pillars is built with sensors to take up the position of construction of rings. The angular Bara is also attached by all pillars through the mechanism of springs and pulleys.
  • The last step to follow is assembling the ring construction. The interior ring is raised by a harness to ensure the safety of the player along with a sensor to help in increasing the level of orientation of the players.

Proper assembling of the ring construction is also important. The interior ring is raised on a harness to keep the player safe along with a sensor that can help in increasing the orientation level of players. The most common use of Cyberith Virtualizer is that of a multidirectional treadmill. It comprises a plate that is situated just after the different optical trackers which can help in getting a good idea of direction and speed. One out of all the pillars might find the sensors taking a position of circulation construction.

The possible application of the Cyberith Virtualizer but also with the opposite device within the omnidirectional treadmill class are considered. The most usual application of this device and also the one used for all demonstrations available on the Internet is the VR simulation which is games. This can be done in conjunction with another device which is the Oculus Rift and it can also perform a better simulation.

The device can be used to allow a humanoid robot to perform the same movements as the player in real-time using the value of sensors for controlling the robot. So the full term of Virtualizer is verified by the existing prototypes. The success of prototypes can be seen as the technical proof of the concept which will allow the commercialization of the technology and makes it available to the audience. This was all that you must know about Cyberith Virtualizer in brief.