Copyai is an AI-integrated copywriting tool that helps you by saving your time and attaching more traffic to your website. This tool is now in great demand, mostly for its quick and smooth user interface. This tool can generate marketing copy for the clients in seconds. Users can get several topics for blogs, points for paragraphs, introductions for promotional purposes, etc., on this tool. Even the Entire outline of your blog is provided by  Let’s know more about this tool below.

What is Copyai?

When was founded in 2020 with a purpose, it only had 16 employees. After being around for a year, its growth is prominent. A lot of people have already used and some even recommend it to others. Copyai is best suited for digital marketers and online businesses that are looking forward to enhancing their copywriting process. The tool is integrated with advanced AI technology which makes it easier for it to outline content for social media, websites, sales letters, and landing pages.

This tool provides 5 to 6 major types of services to clients. They are:

  • Social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Product descriptions for online marketers and business websites.
  • Website copies by providing outlines, meta descriptions, and blog post ideas.
  • Sales copies for websites, emails, etc.
  • Email content to be used for email marketing, funnels, etc.

If you need content that need not be long enough, SEO optimized, is the best place to opt for. It specializes in creating short, brief paragraphs. The tool also offers a fun, personal tools section where people can even draft love letters or birthday cards.

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Get started with Copyai is an extremely well-designed tool. It’s easy to start and navigate. You don’t need any technical know-how to access this tool.

When you launch this application, you have to create an account, by entering the required details. If you have already done it, you have to log into your account next time onwards.

Once logged in, you would see a variety of tools available. Click on the tools as per your requirement.

Features of Copyai

The feature makes the application extremely useful. Read below to know some of its impressive features:

  • Support for multiple languages: this tool supports multiple languages. For instance, you can enter data in English and generate content in Spanish.
  • Facebook group: this tool has an active support network that solves issues related to social media usage.
  • 24/7 support: no matter to which price plan you have subscribed, you are sure to receive prompt customer service.
  • Resources and Tutorials: to enable people to understand how this application works, there’s a detailed tutorial available.

Copyai pricing 

If you are willing to subscribe to this tool every month, you have to pay $ 49.

If you are willing to test how the tool works you can opt for the 7-day free trial. This is another impressive feature of this tool. While accessing the 7-day free trial, you don’t have to give your credit or debit card details. However, this trial offers limited services. You can only use the tool 100 times a day. Though limited, this is more than enough if you are looking forward to understanding its quality of services.

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Is Copyai worth your money? 

Overall, is a useful tool that makes your work a lot easier. If you don’t feel your writing is creative enough, would do that for you. It would come up with necessary suggestions and enrich the quality of the content.

Remember that isn’t any writing tool. It’s a tool that mainly lets you effectively plan your writing. By following its suggested outline, you are sure to come up with excellently structured content for marketing and promotional purposes.

So, what more are you waiting for! Quickly download and enjoy its 7 days of free trial services at zero cost!