In a world where everything has become digital, you need the best quality content to attract your customers. The success of a business widely depends on the content of its website. To enhance the quality of your content, you can take the help of Contentyze. Contentyze is a platform for content generation.

It allows you to automate your content production easily through templates and AI. Contentyze helps you with eCommerce product descriptions, marketing copy, and striking articles for your blog. Contentyze uses the latest technology of scripting and machine learning to fulfill all your content needs. With the help of AI, the platform of Contentyze makes content writing easy and fast.


Contentyze is useful for SEO management, multi-channel campaigns, and distribution management. The platform is unique and easy to configure. It is compatible with various distribution platforms. Today we are going to discuss how you can generate your content quickly using the amazing platform of Contentyze.

How to generate content using Contentzye?

Contentyze is one of the most powerful content generator tools. Using Contentzye is much easier than using any other tool content. With this tool, you can create extraordinary content. Procedures to use content are given below:

Step1Using AI writer

After entering the Contentyze platform is Editor. The editor’s primary goal is to construct an individual text with the use of an AI model.

Four AI models can be used through contentyze. They are as follows:

  • General mode -General model generates text on the subjects when anyone starts writing a new text. The text not necessarily shall be ideal but it would help to generate keywords.
  • Amazon model -Amazon model helps to produce a review electronic product sold on Amazon. It excels in writing reviews of monitors, laptops, phones, and tablets.
  • Rewrite Model -Rewrite model helps to rewrite the text that already exists. Users have to paste the entire text in a prompt field or they have another option to paste the link of the text and contentyze will download the content and rewrite the same.
  • Summary model -The summary model summarizes the text that already exists. Users shall either put the link or paste the article that needs to be summarized.

Step 2: the bulk writer

With the bulk writer, you can generate a large amount of content. It means you are using the same model several times for multiple prompts. Although you can use the same model, still you need to provide a .txt file with prompts or links for a certain model.

Suppose you need to summarize 10 numbers texts, you would have to provide a .txt file of 10 lines. Each of the lines would be the link to the article that you intend to summarize.

Other general models would generate a series of text and consider each line as a fresh prompt. This would be best for you if you want to have a listing of sentences.

Step 3: The Templates

The template’s goal is to provide you with full control over the generated text. Here the user can mix numerous models and add their data and functions and they can even script the text.

The best part of Contentyze is that a user can start to add different models to their templates and create more variants for their text.

Step 4:  Mechanization 

It is because of the automation that you can post the generated texts on WordPress and Twitter directly. The steps of how you can do it are as follows:

  • Choose and enter the specific name of the automation flow.
  • Choose the data that you wish to use to generate your texts. This includes links, prompts, RSS feed, and texts.
  • Choose a template from which you can generate texts.
  • Enter your WordPress or Twitter details to direct your generated texts.
  • Choose the trigger where the default one is “on data”.
  • Save these automation details if you intend to use them later.
  • Run the automation and wait to see the glorious results on your channel.


With Contentyze, you can take your business to the next level of up-gradation. It automates your writing, and monitors and distributes content across several platforms. The readily available templates of contentyze will help you to generate stories seamlessly by providing the raw data only. It even allows you to create exquisite templates for all your narrative. Only when you use it, you would be able to witness the difference.