Everyone is familiar with Google and how it has been making our lives easier with its latest digital tools. Google has claimed that the successful development and consequent improvements in its services wouldn’t have been possible without investment, time, and incorporation of artificial intelligence at Google. Not just that, Google’s efforts to study machine learning and deep learning to the core have also enabled it to stay ahead in today’s competition. Google has made the best utilization of AI. Let’s see how.

artificial intelligence at Google

Ways in which Google has implemented artificial intelligence 

Google has used artificial intelligence in innovative and advanced ways to stay ahead of its competitors. No doubt, the incorporation of artificial intelligence has given prominent results. Let’s see in what ways Google has incorporated artificial intelligence into its products.

  • Google search engine

Artificial intelligence has played a crucial role in changing the mechanism of Google’s search engine. Algorithms constitute a major part of any search engine. Google’s research in deep learning enables it to tweak its search engine algorithms. Without the incorporation and the study of deep learning mechanisms, Google wouldn’t have been able to improve its search engine algorithms. Now, Google’s search engine can identify patterns, avoid spam, and catalog and categorize images too.

  • Google Translate

Next, Google has utilized artificial intelligence to enhance its Google Translate online tool. As the name suggests, using this digital tool, you can translate texts from one language to another. Compared to when this service was first launched in 2006, Google translate has improved and is more efficient currently.

The quality and accuracy of the translations have increased with the recent incorporation of AI. You can translate texts into 109 different languages ​​instantly. Additionally, the voice input qualities in several Google services have also improved.

  • Google Assistant

When talking about artificial intelligence at Google one cannot simply ignore its brilliant incorporation in Google’s assistant. Google Assistant is like a smart version of your phone that can help you with various tasks like making a call, making a note, sending a text, setting an alarm or reminder, etc.

However, Google assistant is more equipped than just performing the tasks mentioned above. It supports natural-sounding interaction for voice searching. It learns from the user’s patterns, suggests actions accordingly, and can even automate several tasks together when given the right command.

Another major tool developed by Google is Google ads. Google ads are a digital tool that allows users and businesses to advertise their products and services online. It gives users complete control of product management and marketing and placement of ads. Using the user’s search data, Google ads are equipped to effectively target the right advert to the right audience. This is the core idea behind the development of Google ads, which Google seems to have accomplished.

artificial intelligence at Google

However, Google has continued to improve this digital tool by incorporating ML algorithms which make the work faster and easier. Now, artificial intelligence incorporated in Google ads delivers informative valuable insight to its users as well, thereby enhancing user experience to the maximum.

  • Google Maps

Another instance of artificial intelligence at Google is Google maps. It’s a handy, efficient navigation mechanism developed by Google that’s available for iOS, Android, and web users. Google maps are now among the most preferred mapping and navigation tools used across the globe. By implementing several AI and ml powered technology, Google maps feature indoor maps, satellite imagery, live traffic conditions, 360-degree maps, etc.

Google Maps can track the user’s daily commuting path and suggest the shortest routes available or routes that are free from high traffic. Additionally, Google maps also come with live suggestions and highlight points of interest like ATMs, hotels, medical centers, gas stations, etc.

  • Google Photos

Google photos is an online photo album that allows users to flawlessly manage their photos and videos. Even if the items get deleted from your device’s storage, Google photos will help you recover them. Every item is backed up to the cloud. However, that’s not the sole purpose of the development of Google photos.

Google photos offer smart features, thanks to the brilliant incorporation of AI and ML by Google. Google photos can group similar pictures and make colleges on their own. It can even integrate with Google lens to identify texts and objects.

As you can see, Google has made the optimum use of artificial intelligence technology. Apart from the ones mentioned in the list, other Google applications are powered by artificial intelligence. People are anticipating Google’s domination over AI shortly. What do you think?