Adfluencer is a platform connecting the different social media content creators and influencers with the brands and the different advertising partners. This online influencer marketing agency was founded in 2018 and is based in Germany.

Marketing campaigns for advertisers


No matter whatever your business size may be but it is a poor target when you book advertisements over radio, television, or billboards. These can be ended up becoming an expensive medium as well. The internet and the various social media platforms have become the new generation tool of advertising and marketing, reaching out to the target audience in a much more effective way.  

The different social media platforms have an immense reach for sure and a closer viewership loyalty. It almost easily reaches the content creators and their audience to a level of friendship and makes them easily approachable. This surely not only builds up a stronger connection but also works as a strong marketing tool. The younger generations get influenced by their stars on social media platforms and so this becomes a great marketing tool than televisions and radios. This is why Adfluencer has been formed to help businesses grow by marketing it through social media influencers.

Influencer marketing campaigns through Adfluencer

Influencer marketing across the social media platform is very important. The influencers help to create value and brand awareness for the audience. Their level of engagement with the audience surely pulls them towards the brand. The ways by which Adfluencer engages with the audience using the influencers are first they focus on informing the audience about the brand or the products. They try to balance the success as this marketing tool of influencer marketing depends on budgets in a big way. The higher the budget, the bigger the promotion shall end up being. This process is not a one-time shot but an ongoing process. 

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The next process has always been to increase sales. And influencer marketing does just that for the brands and companies by pulling the customers towards it.   

Marketing campaigns on Facebook

Facebook has been one of the oldest and the most effective mediums to market and advertises a product or a company. It has an immense reach all across the world and has been a very popular medium for influencer marketing always. Facebook has multidimensional features like sharing facility, likes, comments, creating groups, and pages, and conducting polls too and all of these are not based on a certain time limit. This indeed makes this platform one of the best places to reach out to an immense crowd in a shorter period and to make the best and most effective use of influencer marketing. 

Promotion through Instagram

Instagram is also a very effective social media platform as an advanced marketing tool. The present generation of the youth is very much attached to it. So, to use influencers over here to promote effective reach out to people can surely grab their attention towards your business or the product. Buying quality followers, likes and comments shall also lead to a larger audience engagement.

Promotion and influence through YouTube


YouTube undoubtedly is one of the most popular mediums of influencer marketing. Video surely leaves a very strong impact on the target audience. Another way of reaching out to the target audience is by buying views, likes, and subscribers on this platform.

Influence of Tik Tok

Gen Z is more prone to using Tik Tok and it makes this platform one of the fastest growing social media platforms. It is so much popular that the users often consult it here before buying any product. Using this medium for influential marketing is surely very effective or buying views and likes here shall surely make more target audience notice the product or the service marketed on it.

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Apart from these few social media sites, there are multiple other social networking sites too that Adfluencer uses to make effective use of influential marketing.

For influencers

Merchandize store with Adfluencer

If you happen to be an online content creator, influencer, or artist belonging to any field and are on any social media platforms, Adfluencer can help you to open your online merchandise store and shall give you every support in creating your shop.

Through this medium, you shall be able to recognize your target audience and sell your product and gradually build a brand of yours.

The various other support though Adfluencer

Adfluencer shall also support you with various other choices such as providing you, with ideas for being an influencer cosplay, comedy, beauty fashion blogger, gaming, vlogger, travel and lifestyle, singing, reviews, and also making influencer explaining videos.