One of the most evolving fields of the fashion industry is streetwear. The global streetwear industry is currently worth about 309 billion dollars. As per reports, it has been found that famous fashionistas and elite people purchase streetwear at least once a month. They think that streetwear fashion is always in style. So, no matter what others say, this fashion is here to stay.

Here, we have discussed what streetwear is and its influence on the global fashion scene. To know more about it, finish reading this post.


What is streetwear?

The term streetwear is deceptive. It might have a simple meaning. In today’s fashion industry, streetwear is casual, fashionable clothing worn by people.

However, it isn’t easy for the fashion industry to pinpoint what qualifies as streetwear. This fashion is a vast term and includes a wide range of influences like music, surf culture, skating, hip hop music, sports, kpop, etc. Diverse communities of the globe are adapting themselves to the streetwear fashion culture. People of every income level and social status are experimenting with this fashion.

But don’t think streetwear is just shifting between casual clothing. It’s more than the overpriced t-shirts, latest sneakers, and designer logos attached to everything imaginable. There’s a lot more to streetwear fashion than what meets the eye.

Streetwear’s Influence on the Traditional Fashion Model

Streetwear has completely transformed contemporary fashion elements. In the recent past, trendsetters and designers dictated what trends should follow. They dictated outfits for the runaway, and customers determined what styles should be sold, and magazine editors advised customers on what they should and shouldn’t buy and during what season. But now, this has introduced a direct-to-consumer model that focuses on consumers and allows them to set the trends.

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Streetwear has democratized fashion. Today’s social media allows fashionistas, celebrities, and influencers to reach out to the common people and help them determine what’s fashionable. Social media has enabled everyone to express their opinions and determine what the next trend should follow.

Streetwear as a status symbol

There is luxury clothing that represents how complex the role of fashion plays in consumer culture. The logos attached to the sneakers and outfits depict more than just the brand. It becomes a sign of status and exclusivity.

Not everyone can afford luxurious high-class clothing. That’s why designers have recently come up with affordable yet top-notch dupes. The naked eye cannot understand the difference between original clothing and that of a dupe. Only an avid hyper beast can identify an original streetwear item from a duplicate one.

Streetwear as a reflection of pop culture

Streetwear greatly reflects the current cultural landscape too. The elements of street fashion keep changing, thereby changing the perspective of people who wear it. An industry’s success is understood by its inclusivity. It is successful because it’s highly gender-neutral, size-inclusive, and comes in a variety of colors.

Various genres of music affect street fashion. Hence, this is highly connected to pop culture. If you trace the evolution of street fashion, you will notice that it was predominantly influenced by hip-hop. The inclusion of gold chains, bucket hats, tracksuits, and white Nikes in street fashion has been influenced by the 80s and 90s rap scenes.

Recently, It has taken fashion ideas from kpop. You can give credit to the worldwide fame of Korean pop music that is exploring its musical taste and fashion elements.

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Regardless of which fashion trend you follow, your fashion choices reflect your taste, preference, and what you value. Make sure the brand you choose caters to your fashion requirements.

Fashion is hence extremely personal. There are a large number of factors that affect fashion. Also, remember that there’s no right or wrong in this type of fashion. Wear in a way that feels authentic to you.