Soylent Green is one of the most famous forms of substance in the incredible movie Soylent Green. But what is the secret ingredient through which the famous flavors are made? Well, the biggest reveal of the mystery and thriller movie (spoiler alert!) is that soylent green is people. The tasty wafers were made from the dead bodies of humans. Although people in the movie believe that soylent green is made from plankton, the main character, Detective Thorn (Charlton Heston), reveals the truth by the end of the movie.

Soylent Green Is People

The Murder of William R. Simonson (Joseph Cotten)

Willian R. Simonson is a board member of the Soylent Green corporation. The board member is murdered in New York city by a burglar. The murder scene occurs at the Chelsea Towers West, where he lives in New York. The reason for this murder is one of the biggest revelations in the movie Soylent Green. Detective Frank Thorn and his partner Sol Roth are assigned the responsibility to uncover the truth behind his unprecedented murder.

The Truth About Soylent Green Is People: How It Unfolds?

Before dying, the movie character Sol Roth (Edward G. Robinson) whispers the truth about Soylent green to the movie’s main character, Detective Thorn. Roth begs Thorn to find the proof of the truth he has uncovered. Because it is the only way they believe, the Council of Nations can be convinced to take strong action. Then, Thorn finally boards a truck. This truck is transporting dead human bodies from the Euthanasia center. The truck is on its way to the recycling plant. And Thorn discovers the truth about the secret ingredient in soylent green. He finds out that human dead bodies are being converted into soylent green. So, soylent green is people.

The Ending of the Movie:

The ending of the movie soylent green shows Detective Frank Thorn. It shows how Frank Thorn is being hauled away. Because now, Frank has learned the truth about soylent green. He finds out the true ingredients of soylent green. He knows what food is being fed to the poor, human corpses. Now, Frank can put up the pieces. He also learns the reason behind the murder of a soylent green board member. He finds out that the Soylent green board member was concerned by the increasingly growing wrongful acts in the company. And that is why he was murdered.

At the end of the dystopian movie, Detective Thorn is heavily injured to the extent that he may die. However, he is determined to tell people the truth. And he is successful in telling dozens of people about the main secret ingredient in soylent green.

Soylent Green Is People

The main ingredient in Soylent Green is people

In the movie, soylent green is said to be made out of plankton. But as the interesting movie plot unfolds, the movie’s main character, Detective Thorn, unveils the truth that soylent green is people. He finds out that the main ingredient in the soylent green wafers is the human dead bodies. The movie’s climax makes the greatest revelation by saying, “Soylent Green is people!” This particular scene is the biggest highlight of the blockbuster cyberpunk film.

Message Of Soylent Green Movie

The message behind the nightmarish futuristic fantasy movie Soylent Green is that people need to be more appreciative toward other fellow human beings. They should learn to appreciate not just others but the whole world around them. They shouldn’t just watch out for themselves but also for the world around them.

The Theme of Soylent Green Movie

The 1973 premiered movie Soylent Green has some epic political and environmental themes applicable to this very day. Some prominent themes of the movie include environmental ruin, extreme class division, overpopulation, food shortages, and ill-treatment of women as furniture.

The movie showcases the world in the year 2022, with severely overpopulated New York city suffering from the economic problem of limited resources. While the middle classes have disappeared, the rich and poor are still rioting for their survival. And the Soylent Green Corporation comes to their rescue by supplying wafers made from dead human corpses, but people don’t know this.

And not to miss, it is one cautionary tale that rings the patriarchal theme of feminism in a sexist world.