Before looking at the steps of Neon Cyberpunk editing, it is necessary to know about Cyberpunk. Cyberpunk is nothing but a subgenre of futurism based on a dystopian futuristic setting that centers around a “combination of lowlife and high tech”. It features scientific and advanced technological acquisitions, like cybernetics and artificial intelligence, compared with the degree of malfunction or transmutation of the social hierarchy.

Neon cyberpunk

Apart from various movies and novels, the idea of ​​Cyberpunk got introduced in different clothing and lifestyle accessories. People became so attached to Cyberpunk 2077 game that they started to wear clothes and other accessories based on the Cyberpunk 2077 game theme. It slowly became on-trend, and various companies based on clothing and accessories begin producing Cyberpunk clothing and makeup items. Along with the offline sale, the online sale of Cyberpunk clothing and makeup items came into existence. 

Nowadays, various clothing websites started selling Cyberpunk clothing and other materials. Since the idea of ​​Cyberpunk clothing came into existence, the choice of color for such clothes also became very prominent. People liked the neon color on their Cyberpunk clothes. There is a total of 39 neon colors that are very bright and appear to glow with intensity. Thus, the idea of Neon Cyberpunk Clothing and Neon Cyberpunk Makeup came into existence. Sooner, people became obsessed with these types of clothes and accessories. 

Yllusion provides a wide range of Cyberpunk clothing and accessories along with Neon Cyberpunk clothing. People like Neon Cyberpunk clothing more in Cyberpunk Fashion accessories. Later came the idea of Neon Cyberpunk photo editing. People got inspired by Cyberpunk fashion and came up with the idea of ​​editing photos in Neon Cyberpunk style.

How To Do Neon Cyberpunk Editing?

Cyberpunk 2077 is a video game which got released in the year 2020. It became popular within no time. Starting from children to adults, everyone liked this video game very much. It was because of this game the craze of Neon Cyberpunk editing came into existence. The players had to change the look of their character in Cyberpunk 2077. The appearances provided for each character were so good that it became a trend to edit photos in Neon Cyberpunk style.

To edit any photo in Neon Cyberpunk style, the software needed is Adobe Photoshop CC. It is an excellent photo editing software. Though it is not free, you must pay for this software, and the cost is minimal.

Steps To Edit In Neon Cyberpunk Style

  • Neon cyberpunkThe first step to editing in Neon Cyberpunk style includes photos with neon lights and reflections. Remember, the colors should reflect the futuristic style.
  • Select the pictures having high buildings or a lot of lights with rainy or sunny weather and open the software to add the photo.
  • Plan to edit the picture in three parts: right coloring, style, and neon effects with some haze and smoke.
  • Duplicate the layer first, so you can have a backup to compare the results. Next, go for the filter and then camera raw. The camera raw gives you the tools of lightroom cc so you can edit the colors and everything from there.
  • Now move the tint up to 70 to get an image with a pink effect and pull the temperature a little down to get a bluish effect. Turn the highlights all down to make the image look flat around -54. Turn the shadows a little up to get more details on the black-colored parts and turn the whites a little down.
  • Turn the clarity to -15 to make the image look less sharp and turn the haze between 20-30. Click on split toning to add tones in the highlights and the shadows. Turn up to 290 to get a purple effect and add saturation around 230. The final thing to add in camera raw is the vignette down to -30.
  • Next, add the curves and edit a little into the shape of an S to make the highlights pop up a little bit. Now add the haze tone and select the colors in the background.
  • The last step includes the neon effects with the pen tool to get a cyberpunk view.