KpopNation is an online shop in Germany that sells a premium range of K-pop merchandise and also Korean fashion and Kawaii styles.


K-pop merchandise and Korean Fashion

Even though the concept of Korean pop belongs to South Korea yet it is greatly influenced by American pop. K-pop style of fashion is very much flashy and varied emphasizing an image that has both charm and cuteness. Because this style of fashion and music are common among Asian audience so, the Kawaii styles and fashion from Japan has emerged into becoming greatly popular across Asian countries.

K-pop merchandise

To celebrate the immense popularity and fame of K-pop, here in this shop you shall be able to find various premium quality K-pop merchandise. Whether it is the hoodies, accessories for cars, for home and office, or even the sportswear you shall find a great range of them. You can almost find anything of the same nature of merchandise that you may wish for.

Out of the huge collection they offer, some of them are very useful while others are only decorative. But a true K-pop fan always buys everything. From chic hoodies, and mugs to the posters of their favorite bands too.

K-pop style and Korean fashion

Visually, the style of K-pop is absolutely colorful, crazy, eye-catchy, and very flashy. It is surely one of the most-weird styles of fashion. Although the bands have a lot of dancing to their music, wearing flashy clothes, have dyed hair and extravagant and eye-catching accessories but they are different when you converse with them. In contrast to their shrill, colorful wild outlook, they always talk with Asian restraint and also have politeness.

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Most young people in Korea who craves attention usually dye their hair red or blond and also wear make-up, even men. They even emphasize keeping their houses brightly.

Korean fashion and K- style

Korean fashion is very versatile and imaginative. Some of it has been mentioned below:

  • They wear a lot of layered clothing having texture.
  • Their styles mostly have ruffled pink skirts with a graphic t-shirt.
  • They also wear shorts and wide-striped t-shirts.
  • They like to wear checked winter dresses with turtlenecks.
  • Their oversized sweaters and pleated skirts are a trademark.

Kawaii Kigurumis

Kigurumis are cute to look at and are almost the Kawaii trademark style. This Kawaii style that has come from Japan has everything cute and doll-like. Kigurumis makes great costumes for Halloween, carnival, cosplays, and various other theme parties. Kigurumis and Onesies make comfortable house clothes which include pajamas.

Kawaii Kigurumis of every choice

In this shop, you shall find multiple options for original Kawaii Kigurumis. No matter if you are looking for costumes, house suits, or pajamas.

Pokémon Kigurumis

Pokémon Kigurumis, Pikachu, Charizard, and other such characters make great pajamas and onesies.

Animal Kigurumis

Animal Kigurumis too, make great costumes and pajamas. These are an absolute classic.

Other types of Kigurumis

There are various other Kigurumi models too that have inspired. There is the Totoro Kigurumi, SpyroKigurumi and so many more.

All the different Kigurumis found in this shop belongs to excellent quality and are easy to clean as well. They are all been priced within a fair range.

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Cosplays and costumes

Cosplays are all about being into the character of whose costume you are wearing. This trend has been originated in Japan where the concepts of anime culture and magma are booming.

About the cosplay

Cosplay is costume play. The first cosplayers have created their costumes themselves by putting a lot of passion, dedication, and time into creating every physical feature of the costume, themselves. The initial costumes were all about the different protagonists from the magna and anime series. But now, Japanese musicians and video game heroes have become very popular too.

How to arrange the costumes

A truly passionate cosplay fan does not bother about the expense or effort invested behind it. In addition to the premium quality of costumes, there are special accessories too that are required to be bought. Even the weapons are either to be arranged or made. The wigs needed to be bought too. These things are usually got to be arranged from various places incurs a cost and loss of energy as well. If you do not wish to invest much time or money then surely you can place an order online for some great costumes and accessories.

The reason to shop from here

At KpopNation you shall find a great variety of complete costumes. It will save your time from making one. Here you shall also get all the accessories you need relevant to your costume. Some of them are weapons, masks, wigs, and various other body parts which have been kept well sorted in advance so that you can easily find the appropriate thing that would complement your great cosplay costume. They have an amazing range of products and trends for the future.

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