Kiguki is a premium online onesie and Kawaii shop based in Germany which has a great variety of kigurumis, cosplays, one-piece overalls, jumpsuits, and animal onesies made from original quality. They have taken the concept of kigurumis from the Far East.

The customers love this online shop because of the large variety they offer within the budget. Indeed, they find the coolest onesies and kigurumies here in this onesie shop. These also come in the range based on the different seasons wear too.

Onesies and Kigurumis

Onesies are a wonderful thing to be worn and this makes them widely popular being available for every occasion in different forms. These can make an elegant one-piece suit, a cool party outfit, and even comfortable wear at leisure.  The ability to be versatile and flexible makes a regular onesie be worn either up or down along with the accessories you wish.

These kigurumis are very popular in Kawaii and around the K-pop scene. But it also goes well with cosplayers and theme-based parties. It was a trend that was started in Japan and now has become popular all around.

Fancy Kigurumi and Animal Onesies

Specifically, Kigurumis are trendy too. These are plush animal costumes that happen to be made in one piece. With these costumes all you require is shoes. These are made out of fleece having good quality and so, they are very cozy, soft, and are very light wear too.  These kigurumis lasts long and are very to care.

The opening of these costumes happens to be in the front, making it effortless into wearing and taking them off. It has soft cuffs that hold this animal-made onesie by the arms and legs and let nothing slip away. Even it traps the heat inside.

These kigurumis mostly come in animal motifs and so this makes it popular amongst the cosplayers and also the fans of carnivals and all of them who love Halloween. Since many carnivals occur during the cold season the cozy fabric of the fleece makes it appropriate for it, especially the hood that keeps you warm.

The great range of Onesies and Kigurumis that are available in this shop

Here in this shop are available a variety of onesies and they could be matched with different accessories as well. These onesies and jumpsuits come in different cuts, colors, and also in patterns giving you the choice of picking whatever goes well with you.

The kigurumis and onesis here come as animal motifs and cartoon characters and are very cuddly and of a cozy texture. You are sure to find your favorite piece here in this shop for your purpose.

Although kigurumi’s are easy to care for and machine washed still, it is advised not to wash the entire Kigurumi too often but rather remove the spots on the area it needs to be taken care of only. Since the fabric of fleece does not absorb the other substances too easily so, it is usually very easy to clean.


Kawaii style fashion

This movement has been taken from Japan and this entire fashion is based on the theme of a cute, childlike, and innocent style of dressing.

Kawaii as a fashion trend

Kawaii has a fashion trend whose important element is childishness. This is the reason why the dresses and the accessories are playful having the imprints of comic characters. In fact, at times, the Kawaii outfits almost seem like cosplay.

Kawaii products and items

Kawaii items such as Hello Kitty mugs, Kawaii motifs from anime, bears, bunnies, and many more such imprints are very popular. The usage of smileys in the text is of Kawaii culture. It is a part of Kawaii culture to use a lot of smileys and emoticons in their text messages.

Kawaii fashion guide

They wear t-shirts and sweatshirts having cute prints and vibrant colors. The patterns are bold having pastel colors. They prefer having the look of dolls. For make-up, they prefer to make goofy eyes.

Cosplay and costumes

Cosplay is all about wearing costumes of premium quality and living the character through their mannerisms. Great cosplay costumes can be found here in this shop. It is easy to machine wash these costumes too but is advised not to wash them frequently but rather clean the part immediately that has got stained, if at all. It is also said to air dry the costume inside out.



K-pop or Korean pop fashion is all about having a perfect style of wearing colorful, bright, and creative clothes. They follow the Kawaii fashion style. Since K-pop fashion is all about being innocent, cheerful, cute, and colorful so Kigurumis fits well with it. And this is why there are. Kigurumis and mascots perform during the K-pop gigs.