Despite the constant hike and consistent change in the fashion world, Japanese streetwear brands and fashion tops among all and remains at the pinnacle in the fashion-forward race. In this article, we’ll talk about the major Japanese streetwear brands and fashion trends and take a step forward to jumpstart the journey of comprehending style and fashion trends.

Briefly Knowing The Japanese Streetwear Brands

Japanese Streetwear Brands

Whether it be a Japanese civilian or be it some streetwear enthusiast anywhere in the world, when talked about Japanese streetwear brands, with no second thoughts, they’ll describe it with words like “colourful” and “crazy” and whatnot. Anyone familiar even a bit with Japan must be knowledgeable of old styles like visual kei, lolita or ganguro. Thus it won’t be called being carried away when we say that the Japanese streetwear brands are still around and very much alive.

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind when we talk of Japanese Streetwear is that it’s not about deviating into just fashion and fashion or blindly following the trends but more about comfort, committing to your style, clothing interests, knowing the fashion culture inside out etc. Hence it’s said that Japanese streetwear brands are more like a lifestyle choice, encouraging experimentation of silhouettes and colours.

Major Japanese Streetwear Brands You Must Know

Since Japanese brands have become streetwear fashion tycoons, plunging into it must seem like a herculean task, but believe us, it is much easier than it looks. Here we have listed the major branding stores for you to start your fashion journey and get well acquainted with it to shop like locals.

  1. UNIQLO- Smart Japanese Streetwear Brands From Basics

UNIQLO is the most prominent retail brand in Japan with international recognition competitive to companies H&M, Zara etc. Uniqlo is not among those dramatically advertising brands that push out styles one can find on the runway. Rather, Uniqlo is among those Japanese Streetwear Brands which offer affordable and high-quality fabrics and clothing that are equally functional to be worn on any occasion.

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Buy Traditional Japanese Streetwear Brands– Kimono:

  1. HARE – Trendy and Quality Pieces

The HARE can be a great, sorted brand to try if you’re, by any chance, a fan of the Yohji Yamamoto styles by the avant-garde. While it provides very affordable, low priced pieces, you still get the benefit of testing those high-quality streetwear clothes with water.

The speciality of the HARE brand is to take traditional Japanese elements of the garments and with them create flowy smooth silhouettes, giving the piece a cohesive, by layering each silhouette on top of each other. Garments created by them focus mainly on using the muted colours, for instance, grey, beige, white, black etc. and then prepare it for a wholesome touch by giving them all an oversized look.

  1. Bape – One Of The Classic Japanese Streetwear Brands

Bape was established in 1993, by a fashion designer named Nigo who has deep connections with the Japanese and the American fashion industry due to his contributions and works with Pharell Williams and Hiroshi Fujiwara. Bape is so popular for the last 20 years that it has remained the symbolic icon for Japanese street style fashion.

Japanese Streetwear Brands

Talking of the origin of its name, Bape is the short term for “A Bathing Ape” which has remained one of the most prominent pioneers of the Harajuku style, in the 90s. And until now, though the hype part has been graded down considerably, the Bape wholeheartedly remains a symbol for the Japanese streetwear aficionados and praisers globally.


Thus, in all, noting the popularity, affordability, quality and surety, there are worth giving a try, they are definitely a better option than most genuine garment producers like Zara and H&M at a cheaper price.

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Also, if you find yourself lost among the hugeness of the Japanese trends, before deciding on anything, just keep in mind that it may seem a little intimidating at the first glance- especially if you are an amateur, but that’s absolutely on the outside. Once you start looking out, maybe with the above-mentioned stores only, within one day you’ll explore enough to cater for your aesthetics and know where to spend your asset.