Japanese designers seem to be synonymous with uniqueness. Be it daring styles or vibrant colors, men’s clothing in Japan has several options for the world. Sadly, Japanese clothing men don’t get the recognition it deserves. The doors to Japanese fashion are always open for people to explore but not many are interested in it.

Times have changed now and the world is more interested in these clothing trends. Numerous brands have started selling their products globally, welcoming people from all parts of the world into their bold and daring world of fashion.

Japanese Clothing for Men

As mentioned above, Japanese clothing men have a lot to play around with. Right from traditional wear to modern streetwear, we can find anything and everything here. Let’s look into the details of Japanese clothing men and the brands promoting them.

Traditional wear for Men in Japan

Traditional clothing for men might seem uncommon and unconventional. But we are talking about Japan, right! We never know what’s in store for us! Bygone Japanese people had different types of clothing for traditional wear. Have a look at some famous Japanese clothing men in traditional wear.

  1. Kimonos

The kimono is the national clothing of Japan. Women have different types of Kimonos. But men only have three main types, based on the material used to make the kimono. The three types are usually known as 1st Rank, 2nd Rank, and fashion wear in simple terms. The first one is usually worn by higher officials on formal occasions. The second one is worn for formal occasions too but is not that official. The last type is meant for casual wear and men usually wear it every day earlier. Kimonos are also paired with several other outfits and fabrics.

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Japanese clothing men

  1. Hakama

Hakama is another traditional clothing style for men. It is like a trouser pant in terms of design. It has several layers and is usually tied using 6 ropes. Four of these ropes are tied to the front and the remaining two are adjusted accordingly. Generally, there are two types of Hakama. The divided Hakama is worn by higher officials. The undivided Hakamais has worn by everyone and it seems like a long skirt. There is another type of Hakama which is usually worn by working people. This type of outfit is broad near the waist region and becomes narrow towards the end.

Western wear for Men in Japan

Western clothing for men has a lot of influence from different international styles. They are paired with technical expertise and a sense of fun. Modern clothing pushes the edges and creates different outfits for men in Japan. The following are some famous clothes worn by men of Japan in the present day.

  1. Streetwear

Japanese streetwear influences Britain and American streetwear. Punky styles, biking themes, vibrant colors, etc., are some of the many clothing styles in Japan. We have a lot of options for street clothing including printed tees, pajamas, leather jackets, etc. Street styling originated in Japan in the early 90s and became a popular part of the Japanese fashion world ever since.

  1. Denim

Denims are quite common in Japan nowadays. Several brands manufacture denims of different styles and colors to suit different occasions. Denims can be paired with different fabrics and worn for any occasion. Men create different fashion ideas and look by playing around with their denims.

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Japanese clothing men

Footwear and Accessories

Footwear is also a crucial part of Japanese clothing and has evolved with time. Traditional Japanese footwear is fascinating but wasn’t that comfortable in the present day. The modernization also brought about different footwear like sandals, sneakers, sportswear, etc., into the Japanese markets. At present, the men of Japan have a lot to choose from in terms of footwear.

Apart from footwear, several other accessories accompanied modern fashion trends. Backpacks, belts, etc., are some additional accessories that are often paired with the outfits every day. Men of Japan vary these accessories based on the occasions and the outfits they choose.