Japanese clothing often fascinates the world. It is a perfect blend of modernization and classic styles. Like so,  Japan streetwear is a thoughtful amalgam of western fashion and the Japanese style. This type of clothing doesn’t have a specific rule or trend but appears in different styles and props.

There is no code or styling rule for Japanese streetwear. As in, this clothing doesn’t have a specific format. Stylists and brands use anything and everything to create street styling in Japan. At present, this clothing style is one of the most widely preferred trends in the world.

So, have a look at the perks of  Japan streetwear and why the world is after this famous fashion trend.

What is Japanese Streetwear? 

As mentioned above,  Japan streetwear includes anything and everything. This is indeed a broader spectrum for different manufacturers to play around with. Initially, some subcultures led to the origin of Japanese street styling. However, they are not that prevalent now and are taken over by the western influence-based styling.

An intriguing thing that differentiates Japanese streetwear from others is that it is not just a fashion style or statement. This way of clothing is like choosing a lifestyle. As in, choosing this style is no longer a style quotient but respecting the beliefs and community surrounding that style. Japanese street clothing is now sweeping the fashion world and the collaboration cultures.

Japan streetwear

Evolution of the Japanese Street Styling

Japanese street clothing is believed to begin in the Harajuku neighborhood. Shibuya also has a little contribution here, but not as much as Harajuku. Earlier until the 1940s, people were seen wearing traditional kimonos on the streets of Japan. This was the time when there was no external influence on Japan’s clothing trends.

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The people of Japan tasted the Western clothing influence when the American army was coming over. Right from their music to clothing, the Japanese took almost everything from the western culture. The breakthrough was in the late ’70s and 80’s when rock and hip-hop music was introduced to Japan.

Naturally, clothing trends followed the music trends, leading to the evolution of different subcultures like visual kei. These were seen out in Harajuku’s neighborhood, where people were ready to experiment with everything except for the traditional clothing. Continuing this trend were some famous magazines like Olivia that introduces the famous Kawaii culture.

Kawaii is Victorian-style clothing, Lolita-style dresses, etc. Interestingly, Japanese youth were so into welcoming the new trends with everything they have. The influence was so much that by the early ’90s, Harajuku was studded with different boutiques selling various streetwear, marking the golden era of Japan streetwear. It was the time when the capital city of Japan became an unofficial hub of fashion styling.

Japan streetwear

Famous Japan Streetwear Brands

The evolution of Japan streetwear styling continued until now. It is fascinating to know that this clothing trend is one most famous across the globe. The following are some notable brands of Japanese street styling.

  1. Neighborhood

Neighborhood brand was launched in 1994 by the famous designer Shinsuke Takizawa. His styling influenced the American motorcycling culture. This brand now offers biker and punky-based designs with little influence from countercultures. This brand offers almost everything, including leather jackets, printed bomber jackets, street-style hoodies, high-top sneakers, etc. The neighborhood has been in the business since traditional streetwear started in Japan. Its intricate specs and classic collections are loved by many. To add spice to the intrigue, this brand often collabs with different western brands.

  1. Undercover

Undercover is a significant part of Japan streetwear and has been in the market since 1990. This brand was a gift to the world by the most famous fashion designer from Japan, Jun Takahashi. Most people consider Undercover to be the epitome of street clothing cultures in Japan. The detailing is quite amazing here, for we can find unconventional sizes to unfinished seams. This brand also has collaborations with reputed brands from the west. Undercover clothing is dominated by punk rock styling and grunge. Graphic tees with bold iconography are the popular streetwear from this brand.

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