Harayuku has been serving many happy customers for some time now. This is an online shop based in Germany that sells premium cosplay, Kawaii, and K-pop merchandise. They have a huge selection to choose from within a reasonable price range. Harajuku has got its name from the area around the Harajuku Station in Tokyo, Japan. This place is also well-known as one of the most popular shopping spots in Japan. It is also a meeting spot for all youngsters who, on each Sunday display very unknown and avant-garde styles and fashion.

This type of fashion is indeed very trendy and is known by various names such as Japan fashion, Anime fashion J fashion, K fashion, and Cosplay fashion.

Harajuku Fashion of Harayuku and kawaii fashion

Harajuku fashion has emerged from the desire of dressing freely and not following the norms of society. Here, various styles have been mixed and turning it into a trend. There happens to be a colorful spectacle at Harajuku Station in Tokyo. This shop takes that inspiration, trend, innovation, and that fun-loving ambiance and creates its merchandise on such themes.

Kawaii fashion, Cosplay store, and Japanese fashion

Kawaii fashion is most prevalent in Japan and you shall be able to experience it, especially in Harajuku which is a special district of the metropolis Tokyo. This place is considered a hotspot. While strolling through the small winding streets is indeed a very special experience. You shall be able to find small boutiques and J fashion stores out there which focus on cute fashion trends of Kawaii.

In addition to that, there are plenty of K-pop shops, cosplay shops, and Kawaii stores out there all around. This store has tried to bring that vibe and the culture of fashion in Germany through its merchandise. This is why they have created the Harayuku store which you love for its great collection of merchandise belonging to cosplay, kawaii, and Japanese fashion trends.


How the Japanese culture follows its fashion trend

There are various parts to the Japanese culture of fashion. There have been a mentioned and discussed below:


Here in this style of Lolita fashion, there are multiple subdivisions such as the Gothic Lolita in which the dresses are made like Victorian dolls, Sweet Lolita in Rococo style has lots of ruffles.

Japanese Punk

The inspiration for the Japanese punk style comes from the same movement during the 70s, London. It has a rebellious style of dressing, make-up, accessories, and piercings.


In the Kodona style of fashion, the boys wear the Victorian style of dress.

Visual Kei

Visual Kei style of dressing is more prone to flashy and androgynous type.


Decora style of dressing depends on the usage of a lot of eye-catchy cute and playful accessories. This style of fashion is more associated with cosplay and it includes daily cosplay streetwear and fashion for K-pop, Japan, and anime fans.

The present fashion trends from Tokyo

There are various trends of fashion that have been going around in Tokyo. They have been mentioned below:


Gsnguro fashion has a similarity to California girls like having tanned skin, and bleached platinum blond hair.

Cosplay Shop

Cosplay shops, keep the merchandise of such fashion which is about dressing like the role models and characters from video games.


Wamono fashion is a mix of traditional Japanese fashion with Western.

Kawaii store

In the Kawaii store, clothes and accessories belong to the Japanese youth style of fashion emphasizing delicate and child-like styles.


Kawaii fashion trends

Some of the Kawaii fashion trends available in Harayuku are:

K-pop Merch

K-pop merch has t-shirts of various colors and crazy patterns. Shirts are having cool sayings and many more on the list.

Galaxy and Kawaii hoodies

There are various hoodies having zippers and without them too. These hoodies are in a huge range of colors and there are summer hoodies and winter hoodies as well.

Cosplay accessories

There are various attractive and stylish cosplay accessories both for women and men as well. These make great fashion statements. They can even be worn by both women and men too because there is an androgynous tendency in Korean fashion.

Fashion that is for cosplayers, Japan, and anime fans

There are a lot of fashionable clothes in this store. Each one has its different taste for women, there are clothes based on the fashion of men and certainly, there are clothes based on how children like them too.

All these various ranges of clothes have been made putting in a lot of care so that you remain true to your fashion. These clothes have style but also have been made elegantly and subtly, so that wearing them makes you look graceful.