A Gothic dress is similar to a normal dress in many aspects but what’s the catch point? It always comes in black shades, at times you could see different shades like red hues, blood red, wine red, etc added for a different taste.

Gothic fashion has been going on for years now. It was found in the early 70s but was dug in the ground due to many people opposing the theme. Black depicts sadness, mourning, and negative remarks but that does not mean the theme is for bad purposes only.

As days passed it was brought back to life and since has been going on spreading its branches till king distances.

Gothic dress

Gothic clothing

Gothic clothing could be Divided Into two important yet simple subcultures, the first culture where people take the gothic movement seriously and dedicate themselves to belonging while the second culture is where people who like the Gothic fashion in only fashion senses and use Gothic clothes to mix with other fashion clothes and create a new theme or outfit belong. The main highlights of Gothic clothing are Black, velvets, fishnets, lace, corsets, gloves, leather, etc.

Gothic clothing would generally contain Gothic dresses, t-shirts, jackets, leggings, shirts, coats, hats, etc while when we talk about other things Which could be seen under accessories or props then that would include chains, Respiratory masks, rings, etc.

Gothic dress history

The Period of Gothic Dress could be further divided into two periods, the first-named The early Gothic period and the second named The Late Gothic period. The dresses from the Early Gothic period would look more worldly and sophisticated than the Romanesque time. Forearms were given more importance while sleeves used to be tighter. Minimal trimming on the clothes of the Gothic style was also a feature of the Early Gothic period. It also included long and deep necklaces with gowns.

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As we bid byes to the early Gothic period and new days arrived the fabrics of this clothing became stiffer. There was a big amount of change witnessed in the Late Gothic period.

Padded doublets, leg-o-mutton sleeves, tight belts, crisp pleats, etc were an addition to Gothic clothing in The late Gothic period. You could call the time from 1200 to 1350 the time of The Early Gothic period and the time between 1350 to 1450 The Late Gothic period.

How can we use Gothic fashion for Cosplaying?

At the time when you want to make your fantasy character keeping a dark theme in mind then the Gothic style can be of use. Let’s take an example, you have a dark princess in mind who lives in the woods, and has a palace underground and the place is always looking dark and dull even in the daylight.

For this character costume, you don’t need to buy expensive clothes and such, all you’d need is a Gothic dress or a Gothic long gown, with your usual red or black color heels and dark makeup, and adding a few accessories here and there would be everything you’ll need to rock in that character.

Gothic dress

Gothic style in the fashion industry

As many of you all might have noticed the new trends in the fashion industry, many fashion shows and brands showcase Gothic style, some with complete dedication while others would mix it with other styles.

Some of the most famous gothic elements used by these companies and designers are Gothic Rings, Hoodies, makeup, dresses, footwear including boots and shoes, and fishnets.

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As the above-mentioned elements go with several styles and colors, one could pull out a decent and even a complicated look with them, more importantly, it is not only used for dark and dangerous looks but also for cute or aesthetic ones.

Fashion societies have appreciated the arrival of Gothic fashion in their field and it has now become one of the most interesting and unique senses of dressing.

Gothic clothing would make you look different from others, it was a movement against extravagances and if you are someone who has a similar thought then we’d suggest you try out Gothic fashion including Gothic Dress at least once.