Gothic clothing might sound new to some, but it’s a traditional style of clothing. Most people who know about gothic clothing might imagine someone dressed in full black attire, tight black corsets, desperately sexy outfits, and extremely dark makeup. Initially, it wasn’t like that. In recent years gothic clothing has been in trend.

goth clothing

Nevertheless, this fashion style came up in the Middle Ages. The renewed features of gothic clothing were established during the 1970s. It was the time when rebellious philosophical music was in the blood of youth. “Live Fast and Die Young” was the slogan that prevailed in the youth’s hearts.

In the 21st century, the gothic style stepped into the fashion shows. It is unique and doesn’t match the taste of everyone. The world-famous designer who introduced the gothic style to the entire world through her fashion show was Alexander McQueen. Her collection had puffy skirts and ruffled blouses with black lace.

Features of Gothic Style

In recent years it has extended a lot. Numerous features have also been added to it. Some features of gothic clothing are listed below.

  • Gothic style resists warm colors

Gothic clothing is classy and cool. The Goths position themselves as “Children of the Night” and resist wearing pastel colors and focus more on dark colors. They don’t take sunbaths and prefer to remain pale and wear accessories that are white metals like white gold, silver, and other cheaper metal alloys.

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Traditionally, the color white signifies the deadly cold light of the moon, so the white accessories perfectly highlight the gothic attire.

One can scarcely see any precious stone in gothic attire. This may be because most of the jewelry embellished with jewels is made with gold, and Goths do not accept gold. However, it is said that those semi-precious stones are quite a good choice for Gothic jewelry.

goth clothing

 Stones like black opal, jade, topaz, and other black and white colored gems can be worn as Gothic jewelry. The color black signifies grief, sorrow, sadness, and pain, so the most dominant color of Gothic clothing is black. All the shades of black are welcome in gothic clothing.

  • The fabric of Gothic Clothing

Clothes of Gothic clothing  are mostly made of velvet. Along with velvet and satin, the fabrics that give dark hues and look deep and dramatic are also worn as gothic attire. Satin is also worn in gothic clothing. The attires of gothic clothing are decorated with lace and transparent materials. Leather is also a material that is widely used in gothic dresses and accessories.

  • Tough and revolutionary style

According to a fashion historian, the Gothic word is a sobriquet associated with destruction, darkness, death, and decay. The style implies a barbaric, creepy, and gloomy nature. All these interpretations have made the gothic style a well-suited symbol of rebellion.

  • Artistic in nature

Gothic hairstyles are a showcase of art, be it gothic dreadlocks or a lilac Mohawk, every hairstyle is a form of art that perfectly matches gothic clothing. Free-spirited, open-minded, and artistic individuals were generally attracted to the gothic style. Creative people like dancers, musicians, artists, and designers are included in the gothic community.

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Types of gothic clothing

There are a variety of styles in gothic clothing. They are as follows:

  • Traditional Goths- A black-haired girl wearing a black corset and a tight black skirt with piercing and loud makeup. This is a picture of traditional Goth.
  • Antique Goth- This kind of style is similar to fashion trends of the 18th century. Their original styles are long gowns, elbow-length gloves of lace materials, tight black corsets, and men with tailcoats.
  • Victorian Goths- This attire is generally worn on gothic balls. Unlike the rest of the attires, this kind of attire is worn on special occasions instead.
  • Cyber ​​gothic- This is a quite peculiar gothic trend that combines traditional gothic style and industrial elements. The fabrics of the clothes are artificial, and the individuals in this trend are adorned with gadgets on their heads, neck, and bodies.

These were a few kinds of gothic styles. Nevertheless, the variety of gothic clothing is huge.

It is a unique trend of fashion. Not everybody can understand the theme and taste of the gothic style, but people who love art and have some sense of understanding of the theme will love this line of clothing. The bold fashion demands a different taste from individuals.