Being inspired by fiction novels and their characters has always been fascinating to people. Many novels are based on a futuristic approach and their movie adaptations are a representation of dystopian fashion. Dystopian novels like Hunger Games, Blade Runner, and many more have given us some major fashion goals. Not only men but women as well are extremely inspired by the strong and brave characters.

For those of you who are not aware, dystopian novels are based on futuristic characters and the development of the world. The development usually focuses on stories connected with injustice. It is quite obvious that the characters in these novels are brave and the fashion is a representation of their bold personalities.

Tips for a futuristic and “Dystopian Novels” look

Novels have not only inspired consumers but designers as well. This is the reason why most of them have launched special collections inspired by different characters. Here is how you can rock the dystopian trend and look your best.

  1. Dark characters, dark outfits.

Dystopian novels

Dystopian novels are all about dark-themed stories and characters. The characters usually have fashion inspired by dark colors and prints. Even the text prints on the apparel are a reflection of their dark personality. So, if you are a fan of quotes written on T-shirts, look for those with multiple meanings. Such clothes usually have two different meanings that can be perceived by viewers. While one meaning is quite normal and simple, the other can only be understood by people who love reading dark theories.

  1. Baggy fits.


Dystopian novels
If one pays attention to movies, one observes that most characters seem to have loose clothes instead of tightly fitted ones. There are two main reasons behind these looks. Firstly, one would not want to be constricted in times of a crisis. Secondly, baggy clothes are always trending among both men and women. This is because they provide comfort and make an individual look more stylish. From t-shirts to sweatshirts, denim to joggers, everything is now preferred as a loose fit rather than a skinny fit.

  1. Hairstyle and footwear.

Dystopian novels do not have characters with sleek ponytails and other hairstyles. The hairstyles are instead, very messy and bring out their inner beauty. This aspect must never be overlooked while going for a bold look. Try opting for messy buns and messy ponytails rather than a sleek hairstyle. It will make you look more trendy and out of the box. Also, there is no restriction on people of any gender to look more feminine or masculine. It relies on them how they want to look and be perceived. It can be stated that fashion is more about being yourself rather than copying others.

  1. Look for sustainability.

Multiple brands have been offering sustainable fits that look dystopian. The ideology may be ironic but gives a message to society. It shows how people with a dystopian ideology may be the savers of the world. Sustainability must be involved in every domain, including the fashion industry. It helps in producing dresses more economically and productively, that is the ultimate goal of being sustainable.

The bottom line

It is very essential to know that being inspired by characters is good, but following their ideologies may not be. For instance, consider a character that believes in a destructive ideology. Even if their fashion sense might be on point, their beliefs are not. So, make sure that you follow their style rather than their personality. One should focus only on the fashion aspect so that they can jazz up their appearance and stand out among their friends.

So, it can be concluded that dystopian fashion seems to have become the new black. Not to mention how the fits are usually dark in color. Get a dystopian outfit to help you in projecting an entirely different personality. One may be very bubbly and cheerful, but their outfit can project them as someone with a cold attitude. This is just a small glimpse of the importance of your outfits. It is fun when people are not able to judge and you should not miss out on that. Therefore, go try out some amazing pieces of clothing that can have a touch of spiciness to your wardrobe.