Dystopian clothing in fashion has always aimed to express fears and anxieties about how the bodies that are exposed to war are fragile. The bodies are weak, exposed to catastrophe and destruction. Styling dystopian clothing is fun and entertaining. In this post, we have discussed how you can style yourself in a dystopian fashion. If you are interested to know, continue reading below.

dystopian clothing

Things to remember while shopping for dystopian outfits 

Remember the following things while looking for dystopian clothing:

  • Everything that you are wearing will get destroyed in the process. You are going to face mud, fake blood, get chased by zombies, and encounter the horrors of war. Buy worn-out, cheap outfits.
  • In addition to that, remember to check whether the dystopian clothing you have chosen renders a timeless feel or not. Make sure your clothing is functional and has a universal or ageless appeal to it. Don’t go for modern shirts or T-shirts. Materials like cotton, leather, and denim aren’t appropriate for this fashion genre.
  • You also must keep in mind that you have to look like an apocalyptic character. When you wear dystopian clothing, you must be able to look at yourself and imagine your role. If you aren’t satisfied with the look, accessorize your look. Add layers and details to your costume to enhance your dystopian look. Maybe you can consider adding a scarf or a different shirt or hat, goggles, etc. Make sure you get a broken, distressed look. Perhaps making a new ring or wearing a necklace with your outfit would add an authentic touch to your outfit. You can use belts to accessorize and keep your jacket in place.
  • Also, check if your dystopian costume is appropriate in a wooded outdoor environment. Some outfits might be incredible, but they are of no use if you can’t move around freely.
  • Remember whether your outfit is appropriate for the weather or climate of the place. You must wear layers when it’s cold and wear as little as possible when it’s hot.
  • Never choose dystopian clothing that you wouldn’t like to get dirty. You can expect everything you wear to get stained with mud and blood. So, choose your outfits accordingly.
  • Don’t go by any fashion rules. Remember that dystopian fashion existed at a time after the fall of humanity when there were no fashion rules. So, you can paint up your face; wear ugly colors and shoulder pads on leather jackets and everything you like. Wear unusual outfits that you normally don’t wear.
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dystopian clothing

Useful Tips for dystopian clothing

Lastly, remember these tips:

  • Belts and buttons are more preferred than Velcro or zippers.
  • The vibrant the color, the less authentic your dystopian outlook would be. So choose ugly, unusual tones.
  • Choose durable dystopian clothing material. The thinner the material, the less likely it’s to last longer.
  • Hand-drawn logos or decals. You can also create your logos.
  • Apart from accessorizing the outfit with jewelry, you are advised to buy another pair of jewelry and use it in uncommon ways. In dystopian fashion, you can be creative and innovative to your heart’s content.
  • After you have finished choosing your dystopian outfit, you must add accessories to accentuate your look. You would be using jewelry. But, there are other accessories worth adding to get an authentic dystopian-themed outlook. Add containers and bags. Denim, burlap, canvas, and other forms of hip bags are worth considering.

An essential aspect of dystopian fashion you must consider is that the outfit must look like it survived the apocalypse. So, tear the outfit and create holes. Stitch the holes and redo the process again to get a genuine dystopian outlook. You can also take the seams out so that the clothes look worn out and tattered. Nothing is more effective than sandpaper when it comes to aging your clothes. Use heavier sandpaper and rub it over some places of your t-shirt. Be sure to sand the edges of your shirt along the neckline, cuts, and waistline. Don’t forget the arms too.