Dunkelwolf is a very popular and loved shop by customers that functions online from Germany. This shop sells premium LARP and fantasy merchandise along with authentic leather armors, accessories, steampunk, and cosplays.



If you are looking for great outfits then Dunkelwolf is the perfect shop that specializes in making unique costumes that are appropriate for any cosplay events.

This shop sells selected materials having superior quality. From robes, daggers, and wigs to anything that you may imagine, you shall find it here. Their products are famous for being of great quality and the great service that they provide. They also sell color-matched custom-fit designs for some of their outfit collection. They also have a variety of pre-made and assembled outfits on sale which you can buy as a complete set.

Anime costumes

Anime costumes are very popular. It allows you the choice of being any favorite character from the anime movie or series. These costumes are also vibrant, colorful, and fun outfits.

The junior squad

At Dunkelwolf you shall find costumes for the junior squad too. Children are always fascinated by the magic of cosplay.

Here you shall find colorful wigs, rainbow dresses, and many more merchandise and accessories for children. They care for the safety of the children, so you shall never find any sharp or pointed objects in this section.

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Costumes for bookworms

Dunkelwolf has a new category of merchandise for the bookworms. In this exclusive category, you shall be able to be any one of your favorite characters from books. You shall get the costumes of characters from books that have been made into a movie.

LARP leather armor

This shop has mythological leather suits and medieval and period LARP armor. These have been designed in a way to support the LARP weapons too.

Pauldrons and arm armor

A very important part of the LARP costume is the pauldrons or the shoulder protector. It has been designed by a bar. Here they sell a wide selection of pauldrons made of steel offering real protection. It also adds authenticity to the costume as well.


The bracer has been created to provide flexibility and comfort. It has been made out of steel and provides complete protection. The accessory has been handcrafted. The gauntlet comes with a polished regal look.

Shin guards

Shin guards come in a variety of materials having different advantages to them as well. Some even come as unisex wear too. Wearing shin guards, you are protected from all injuries.

LARP weapons

Here you shall be able to find a huge selection of LARP sets and weapons allowing you into having a true feeling of a knight and also giving you a chance of living your fantasy. They have made them using high-quality materials which makes them easier to carry and wear for a longer duration of hours.

Medieval fashion

The costumes belonging to medieval fashion that are offered at Dunkelwolf are very unique and along with the full costumes, individual parts which are required for each piece, are sold too. The list of such famous costumes is, the armor, it shall surely attract all eyes with its shiny exterior has made out of exquisite material. In addition to that, they also offer monk’s cowls, medieval capes, and also historical jackets. This shop sells such a diverse range of merchandise that you shall be able to create your own unique look by assembling different parts of the costumes and making them into your own new ones.

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Gothic clothing

Gothic fashion happens to be among the most eccentric style of clothing across the world of fashion. It has distinct features which could be able to recognized very easily by the bystanders. This type of fashion is basically enjoyed by the members belonging to the Gothic subculture. It was during the 1980s that it emerged in the United Kingdom and soon was followed by hard rock music lovers especially Gothic rock music and also punk rock music.

The clothes belonging to the Gothic fashion need not have to look weird and terrible. You can surely choose the different pieces that seem to match your look and you can pair them along with the clothes of the modern fashion so that it enhances any of the outfits you wear.


Dunkelwolf tries maintaining the authenticity and so they try using historically accurate things. Their diverse range of gloves has varying designs on them. These are open leather gloves which are also ideal for summer wear if you wish to wear them on the hand and edgy piece. Leather gloves also make your outfits like the ones from history, from looking dated.