People are living in the age of the internet. Many things preoccupy a person’s mind today. They’re constantly engaged in something even when they aren’t doing anything. It has become more important than ever to define dystopia in modern terms. In simple terms, a dystopia is an undesirable society filled with hardships that are imagined by a person.  An easy way to understand the concept is to be of knowledge that it is the opposite of utopia. Utopia is another imagined place but one where there is eternal happiness, peace, bliss, and tranquility.

Define Dystopia

In the real world, dystopia is a word that isn’t just an imagined concept. In many ways, it exists in reality. Every day, you hear news of war, crime, violence, and the like going around in some parts of the world. There is always news of corruption, hardships, poverty, and the like flooding all sources and varieties of media. Governments that rule over a country and force people to follow their rigid rules still exist in many parts of the world. During such a context, people may wonder if dystopia is only something that exists in one’s imagination or something that has been channeled into reality.

Characteristics of dystopia

Today, there are many books, movies, and other forms of art that have been based on the genre of dystopia. It has become a major category.

Define Dystopia

No matter how you define a dystopia and who defines it, it is always important to understand the characteristics of a dystopia.

  • As soon as the word dystopia is mentioned, you can think of the word undesirable. It is an imagined world but despite being an imaginary state of mind, it is characterized by undesirable features. The main aim of a dystopian society or a dystopian state of mind is to showcase the harsh reality of the world. Owing to this, many dystopian themed stores have come into existence to further promote this concept.
  • In many ways, the dystopian thought or concept can also be characterized as a psychological approach and to some extent, a religious and a political approach or thought as well. An easy way to define dystopia and its characteristics are to remember that there is control over everything. There is environmental control, political control, educational control, and more.
  • Dystopia is also characterized by individualism loss and a loss of identity as well. There is the destruction of the environment too along with one’s individualism and this leads to a fight for survival. Individuals fall under the control and dominance of people who may rule them and govern them according to their will which they may dislike.

You can also watch videos about the definition of dystopia and how it is defined through different perceptions and angles.

Things to remember

If you ever happen to define dystopia in your terms, you have to keep the following things in mind.

  • First, try to understand the concept of dystopia clearly. Make sure you perform deep research on the concept before you aim to define it in your terms. When you define an important and well-known concept like dystopia, you have to make sure you get it right. You have to make sure that you have understood the concept properly and in-depth so that you will be able to define the concept with pure justification.
  • Make sure you check out the different definitions of dystopia so you can analyze the concept properly and come up with your ideas and philosophies to define the term in your way. Even if it differs from others, you have to ensure that it has meaning and it makes sense while also being relevant to the point being made. You should be able to put up a strong argument to make your stance.

These are the various important things you have to remember when you are trying to give dystopia a new meaning through whatever means you will be utilizing. Hence, make sure you remember these points and make use of them.