Cyberpunk 2077 has been in the gaming world for quite some time now, but still, people are unaware of the different themes that go into the video game franchise.  If we are to talk about cyberpunk as a genre then it is a compilation of a lot of different cyberpunk themes as a whole. The cyberpunk genre is based on the words, high tech and low life in general even though there are different themes inside this action shooting video game genre. In this article, we will be mentioning those genres in detail. The videogame is set in a background that gives out a rough, rustic, and around-the-edge night city look with the highest form of technology in full use. 

Even though the players play the game as V, it is important for them to understand the different aspects of the game even before they begin to make choices as V. for the record, if you are yet to begin playing the videogame on your PC or preferred gaming console, then you should know beforehand that as the character of V you will have amazing hacking and machinery skills. The story is based in the night city set in the universe of cyberpunk. 

Different cyberpunk themes which you need to know before you play the game

cyberpunk themesWhile we talk about the themes which are incorporated in this popular shooting videogame we should mention the background of the story, or how is the story of the videogame set. The night city is located in California and the city is an open world metropolitan city. You will be required to navigate these locations via different first-person or at times third-person views. 

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The themes of the video game between the four eras that the videogame has undergone include entropism, austere, colorful kitsch, and neo- militarism.  There is a lot of action going on in every video frame of the videogame if you are attentive enough to notice. Depending on the choices you make through your character V you get to live the different phases that have been implemented in the game. The trick is not to kill your character because if you do then you will not have any first-person perspective and instead become a viewer instead of a player. 

The themes available in the cyberpunk 2077

cyberpunk themesThe game was developed and produced by CD Projekt and it took a long time after its predecessor videogame part was released. Players were very anxious about the game and made it a point to make different contents out of the videogame the moment it was released in the year 2020. From different cyberpunk memes to gifs, the list of viral content that has been created by taking inspiration from the videogame goes on and on. 

While you play cyberpunk 2077 on your PC or a gaming console, you will come across various themes including nightlife, criminal and ganging, addiction, drugs, and even talks about high technology.  The trick is to get the maximum information that you can about the different themes of the shooting videogame so that you get to enjoy the game even more as you play through the different levels.

You will note a lot of universal issues that have been addressed in the videogame which you will get to know about as you get to the different levels of the game. Even though it is a franchise, the cyberpunk 2077 received a lot of mixed reviews as the players who get to play the different levels of the video game on gaming consoles had negative reviews of it due to several glitches. When you are deciding on whether or not to play cyberpunk 2077, then you should give this shooting video game a try due to all the themes offered by the videogame. 

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You can find this highly customized game with great designs and clothes, on different gaming consoles like PlayStation and even PC so if you own one then you could opt for this game.