Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction intermingling technology and urban cultures. Cyberpunk themes tend to be dystopian, rather than beatific reflections of positive growth and development. The “high-tech, low life” phrase is more than often associated with the cyberpunk genre. The cyberpunk world is infested with mega-corporations, the underworld, gangs, drugs, and cyber enhancements. If you fail to accommodate the technological advancement then you cannot escalate the ladders of social upheaval. This article contains information about cyberpunk tattoos.

The cyberpunk culture started rising to its full potential in the mid-1980s. Major influences were Japanese culture and Hong Kong cityscape – neon signboards everywhere, advertisements in every nook and corner reeling of capitalism. Automated vehicles, holographic images, Al taking over jobs, and privacy being curdled by mega-corporations- are some of the common themes explored page cyberpunk.

It significantly even changed the way people would dress with crazy hairstyles making inroads. Now it’s more techwear than it used to be punk. Cyberpunk clothing is highly attuned to futuristic fashion and trends. Trench coats, leather bomber jackets, cargo pants, platform boots, and shiny black outfits with dark shades involve cyberpunk clothing.

Cyberpunk TattoosThe New Fashion Statement?

cyberpunk tattoos

Cyberpunk tattoos are gaining traction rapidly among body art lovers, blending geometric design with contemporary colors. The source material for this new genre of body art comes from movies, video games, and animes. Characters from Blade Runner, Cyberpunk 2077, Japanese geisha, or the futuristic bend of circles and lines from computer circuitry have mainly inspired cyberpunk tattoos. Movies like Matrix, Total Recall, and video games like Deus Ex have also significantly contributed to the craze and frenzy. Body art provides great options for innovations.

Cyberpunk tattoos are of three types: –

  1. Circuit-like blackwork – As is already known, that cyberpunk explores the themes of technological and scientific advancements, circuit tattoos show machines, robots, and cybernetics.
  2. Geometric – These tattoos follow mathematical patterns. The simple dots, circles, and lines can have numerous meanings as the geometric symbols are the fundamental building blocks of all things in the universe.
  3. UV tattoos – Identical to normal tattoos, UV tattoos use chemicals to emit light. They absorb energy from the daylight and re-emit it in Night Sky.

Along with these, there are biomechanical tattoos designed to mimic cybernetics. The most popular designs include cyborgs, video game and film characters, computer codes, tribal linework, and neon futuristic scenes. The use of vivid color and highly technical detail makes it a pricey affair. But it is worth the shot for cyberpunk enthusiasts.

cyberpunk tattoos

With cyberpunk tattoos, other accessories which contribute to cyberpunk fashion ware include bio-monitors, shift tacts, synthskins, tech hair, and turn-on nails. They are innocuous, easy to install and focus on physical aesthetics.

Clothing Suited For Cyberpunk Tattoos?

The next logical step includes clothing. If all the accessories do not go with the clothes, then what’s the use? Imagine donning a cool UV cyberpunk tattoo on your arm but wearing a full-length boring jacket. If the tattoo doesn’t show, what’s the point? Wearing a chic crop top, preferably pastel color would direct the gazes towards the tattoo while the clothing wouldn’t take too much attention away from the main attraction.

Cyberpunk clothing is minimalistic and employs futuristic clothing with a bent toward dystopian elements. Wondering where to find such a brand encapsulating all these characteristics? There are very few dedicated cyberpunk clothing brands. Be it their leather jackets with asymmetrical cuts and slim fits, or black skinny jeans, the products are functional and practical. If this wasn’t enough, the wide range of products is waterproof! The techwear uses high-performance fabrics like Ballistic Nylon and Supermarine cotton. The footwear boasts both functionality and cyberpunk aesthetics. They allow proper foot movement. Lightweight garments speak of uncompromising quality.

Standout products:

  1.  Bomber Jackets
  1. Sequin Skirts
  2. T-shirts and joggers combination
  3. Black boots
  4. Shorts (Especially, Instagram worthy)
  5. Sweatpants (neither baggy nor fitted)

The best news though is -mostly cyberpunk clothing products are unisex so there’s fun assured for all! So what are you waiting for? Don them cyberpunk tattoos with stylish clothes.