The rage for Cyberpunk fashion is high. There are many items of clothing available in the game. Players choose their Cyberpunk outfit based on their build. Choosing the best clothing materials in the game has its advantages.

Some of the clothing items shown in the game are very strong while others are simply iconic. The thing about these clothing items is that they are hard to get. So, you better grab yours when you get the chance.

Despite being an experienced player or a newbie, you must always search for strong pieces of clothing. These types of clothing may come in handy during certain missions.

The good thing about some of these clothing pieces is that they can rise to the player level and be modified as per your requirement. That being said let us now take a look at some of the best Cyberpunk outfits.

Cyberpunk outfit

  • Flame resistant pants

The name itself gives us the idea that the pants are resistant to flames, but these pants are not easy to get. You will come across a captivated area in the City Center, and this can be accessed only when you reach a level of body perk 12. These pants are famous and very useful.

  • Anti-puncture boots

There’s a captivated area located on the north side of the data term. However, to access this area, you will need a 12-body skill. There’s also a dead body within the captivated area. Try looting the body, so you can get the shoes for yourself. This will also enhance your chances of acquiring some clothing modification features.

  • Bulletproof blazer

If you keep moving towards the northern areas of the North side, you will come across two circular buildings. There’s a heart-shaped neon signal marking the region. It has love written all over along with a machete-stuck body. You will find the bulletproof blazer on the dead body. Along with it, you will also get four slots for clothing modification.

  • Double layered rocker vest

If you want the double-layered rocker vest, you will find it on the right-hand side of Kabuki. It is a must-have outfit in the game as it comes with 200 points armor. With this Cyberpunk outfit, you can get up to four slots of clothing modification.

  • Heat resistant shirt

Go to the water edge through the curving docks in Wellsprings. There you will find a dead body that has the clothing item on it. You will get 214 armor points after reaching the highest level. Not just that, but you will also get four empty slots for clothing modification.

  • Samurai tour t-shirt

Go to the Cherry Blossom market area, especially if you are looking for some Samurai memories. This is where a specific side quest known as The Ballad of Buck Ravers will start. This will grant you access to the Samurai tour t-shirt.

  • Baseball cap

Next on the list of Cyberpunk outfits, we have the baseball cap, which looks different from any regular baseball cap. This is a premium clothing item that every player must look for. It can be found in the Badlands, located on the outskirts of the Night City. You will come across the Border Crossing service in the Rattlesnake Creek.

Cyberpunk outfit

  • Pants are worn by Johnny

These pants are different from the other pants owned by Johnny Silver hand. However, you won’t find these pants in any of the full-fledged main quests or side missions. All you have to do is monitor the particular gig known as Psycho fan. In simple words, it involves players who steal Kerry Euro Dyne’s guitar.

These are some of the most important or popular Cyberpunk outfits that you must know about. For anyone who has been playing Cyberpunk for a long time, you are probably already familiar with these outfits. For those who didn’t know, you can find the details in the above post. Hopefully, you liked reading this article.