Cyberpunk’s inception took place somewhere in the early 1980s. A simple definition of cyberpunk would involve two terms- technology coupled with a punk attitude. To be punk is to question authority and overthrow or undermine something. The anarchist trappings of the genre saw their reflection across various modes, especially video games. Cyberpunk games encash upon this anti-authoritarian, brand averse, tech-literate aspect.

As is the case with most movements, the cyberpunk movement found fresh grounds in literature and most importantly in Philip K. Dick’s dystopian novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”. The book found its cinematic representation in the Harrison Ford rigid “Blade Runner”. Shortly after, in 1982 the first Cyberpunk game was released titled “Cyborg”. The game involved the player finding an energy source after merging with a life-draining artificial intelligence. This inspired the forthcoming cyberpunk games like Syndicate, Shadowrun, Bioforge, and the classic Deus Ex.

Now, the underlying theme of cyberpunk games being a combination of “low-life and high tech” featuring advanced technology and scientific achievements is well known. What makes it all the more alluring is its anti-hero outside the manipulative, corporate system. One such example can be found in Syndicate Wars – the all-controlling EuroCorp vs the religious zealots. No matter which side you end up being on, the aftermath involves destruction, chaos, and regular folks’ suffering.

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cyberpunk gamesHow Has This Impacted Pop Culture?

The recent launch of the highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 cost a staggering $ 317m to develop. Even though the game flopped, the hype and cash prove the importance and relevance of cyberpunk games in pop culture. Now cultural products are inspired by the aesthetics of the gaming system. Balenciaga released their fall collection in the form of a video game. Thus, the cultural shift can be very well sensed with the cyberpunk games and fantasy gaming genres inspiring a new generation.

Cyberpunk Games Impacting Clothing?

Yes. Movies like Matrix, Blade Runner, Johnny Mnemonic, and cyberpunk games like Deus Ex have heavily contributed to the fashion strand. Trench coats, boots, and shiny black clothing, all are characteristic of cyberpunk clothing. Clothing involves –

  1. Proper functionality, that is a shit load of pockets, zippers, and heavy-duty snaps.
  2. So, black does not always signify the punk mood. Mix it with darker colors like brown, orange, and a hint of fluorescent vibes. 3. Don’t go for hipster clothing. Cyberpunk clothing focuses more on rave culture and a lot of goth.

Where Does One Find This Cyberpunk Games Inspired Clothing?

cyberpunk gamesAs is found in cyberpunk games, clothing involves four categories – Head, Upper Body, Lower Body, and Special. In Cyberpunk 2077, clothing is not more fashionable but also protects the player. From punk rave asymmetrical pants to hooded jackets, mesh masks to neon glasses, this futuristic clothing style, the one-stop destination for men and women, served with an array of styles, items, and accessories is none other than cyberpunk clothing websites.

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They provide an alternate, edgy fashion guide. The amalgamation of fashion and sci-fi finds its best reflection in Unisex Assassin Street Fashion Jacket, Traditional Japanese Kimono Streetwear, and Dystopian Masks. Especially, in this Covid situation, a mask is the most apparent way of stamping your style sense. High-quality fashion mashed with a wide variety of colors, prints, and types. Sounds like heaven for cyberpunk enthusiasts? It sure is.

Want to make a statement with your clothes and flaunt the cyberpunky fashion? Add cyberpunk styling to your existing wardrobe! The clothing line has been made keeping in mind the futuristic style. For instance, the magnetic black hood comes with numerous small pockets (handy!) The high-quality polyester material makes it a durable buy. Want more? Knit cuffs offer perfect wrist fitting. Their gender-neutral techwear is so unique and functional, that style and functionality go hand-in-hand. Be it the one-shoulder woman bag or the baggy pants with multiple, strategic pockets – cyberpunk fashion ware understands customer needs and beliefs, like no one else.

Even with all the genres of fashion, their dystopian line carves their niche and sets them apart from the rest. Not just clothing but their techwear is equally appealing. Go check out immediately and get the entire collection!

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