As an ocular style, cyberpunk fashion is not easy to be pinned down because of its extensive nature. Its theme has been set by punk, futuristic tech, juxtaposition, and Transhumanism. Its impact can be seen from Vogue to streetwear. There are many collections based on this fashion trend, and these collections feature plenty of glossy vinyl material, re-designed prints, and adorned buckles, straps, and zippers.

cyberpunk fashion

The word “cyberpunk ” gained immense popularity in 1983, while the very well-known author Bruce Bethke labeled a small narrative in the collection of amazing stories with an intellectual neologism.

The word was used to define a particular, moreover pessimistic outlook of the future related to cybercrime, hackers, paranoia, emotional deafness, artificial reality, neo-noir interests, and technology.

This fashion trend derived its inspiration from adult Japanese animated shows like Ghost in the Shell, Serial Experiments Lain, and Akira. Some very integral parts of cyberpunk fashion are mentioned below as follows:

  1. Backpack

Anybody willing to create a cyberpunk outlook must go for a backpack. A backpack not only adds the appearance of a Cyberpunk look but also has a very good utility. Carrying a backpack is an essential trend in cyberpunk fashion, and it just can’t get neglected.

  1. Leather hand gloves

You might have come across the gravity gloves that were shown in Half-Life: Alyx, as they had some real powers that a human can never have, but these gloves are precisely the right cyberpunk gloves required in the practice sessions. These gloves make sure that your hands remain warm, providing reliable stats and allowing your fingers to be uncovered so that you can hack the keyboards quickly and easily.

  1. Utility belts

It is normal not to know about utility belts while talking about cyberpunk fashion. But, they are handy and stylish at the same time. They can be carried around your snacks, hair gel, batteries, lasers, and other commodities required for day-to-day usage.

  1. Face covering

Face coverings can often be seen in the world of Blade Runner as a very vital cyberpunk fashion accessory. Face coverings not only allow people to remain stealthy with a hidden identity but also helps in the prevention of recognition by facial identification cameras.

  1. Light up jackets

Oversized jackets and coats are known to be hard-core cyberpunk, but the one that needs to gain more popularity in real-life cyberpunk is the bomber jacket. Not only for a gimmick, but this costume also has so much darkness in the world of Cyberpunk fashion that it can make you stand out from the crowd.

  1. AR Sunglasses

AR stands for Augmented Reality, and these are the glasses that look like a smart vision of Adam Jensen’s, and various shades of Deus Ex are a vital part of realistic cyberpunk fashion. This will help keep track of many bodily numbers as a highly advanced human.

  1. Combat boots

Combat boots are the ones that look like MotokoKusanagi’s, who was a character in Ghost in Shell. They are the most essential footwear in cyberpunk fashion. Several people acquire and wear these boots to be on the proper track. The cyberpunk clothing that will be highly effective in real life has to be both confidential and durable at the same time. When talking about both comfort and durability, nothing can beat combat boots.

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cyberpunk fashion

These are some of the very crucial elements of cyberpunk fashion. There are many other popular trends in this fashion, but these are essential. Cyberpunk fashion has become very popular over recent years as people have become more interested in futuristic things. Many top designers worldwide create and showcase their cyberpunk collections on more significant levels. Many online and offline stores offer cyberpunk fashion outfits and accessories which can be bought at amazing prices, deals, and offers.