When you will come across the game cyberpunk 2077, you will note how the night city has been designed to depict the dystopian future which is filled with brawling gangs, and crimes taking place around the city. The number of cyberpunk characters in this popular game is huge and you will be having a great time exploring the city and coming across different characters while playing the different levels of the game. For those of you who are not yet aware of what Cyberpunk 2077 is, then you are probably missing out on a thrilling experience.

The action role-playing video game was released on the 17th of September in 2020. Developed and produced by CD Projekt.

There are a lot of characters you will come across when you are playing the video game, but they are mostly shakers and movers. We will be mentioning the most influential cyberpunk 2077 characters and their roles in the video game.

cyberpunk characters

Old Cunnigham

Known for her impressive programming skills, Alt’s story is connected to that of her boyfriend, Johnny Silverhand. Don’t worry, we will cover him and other cyberpunk 2077 characters also in a while. This talented woman has the skills to digitalize consciousness which also means that she can practice immortality. Due to her skills, the megacorp called Araska kidnapped her and compelled her to forcefully work for him and design a weapon in the form of her program. A similar program designed by Alt is called Soulkiller Virus.

The megacorp after he is done using her made him a victim of her virus thus compelling her to be a living piece of data for eternity.

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Johnny Silverhand

You will find this character throughout the cyberpunk 2077 action video game. Johnny silverhand’s character has been developed by keeping the Hollywood star Keanu Reeves in mind. Known for his rebellious nature, silverhand is popular for his hardcore actions. There will be a lot of persuasion from his end so that you and other players join his cause. Even though you won’t find him at the beginning of the video game, slowly and surely Johnny silverhand will take up the game screen for the majority of the video game till the end.

cyberpunk characters


Yes, that’s one of the names of the cyberpunk 2077 characters that you will come across while playing the video game. You will be playing as V throughout the video game. You will have the freedom to add customizations right from her look to her backstory. You could add anything feature that you want your character to have and eliminate anything which you don’t feel like adding to your video game presence.

Regardless of your story and customization, your role will begin as a thief trying to get away with a chip that contains unique information. The story will then unfold as things start to go wrong with every little thing that goes wrong in the video game while you play.

Jackie Welles

Last but not the least, Jackie Wells happens to be the best friend of V, aka your character in the videogame. They also happen to be the closest ally your character will ever have in the video game. But the background of Wells is not that bright, since they happen to be a criminal in the past and were very much involved in criminal activities. They happen to believe in money, family, and loyalty the moment their mother found out about the criminal deeds they left it at a go for the better. You will find wells as one of the most popular criminals among the criminal gangs in the night city.

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Now that you are well aware of all the cyberpunk characters that you will come across while playing the video game Cyberpunk 2077 on your gaming controller. You can purchase great customized Cyberpunk clothes on the internal t if you can identify your preferred character. Even though you will be playing the character of V, there is nothing wrong with wanting clothes related to other characters of the game.