If you have a nag for the futuristic and sci-fi genre, then the cyberpunk genre would surely grab your interest. So, here are a few best cyberpunk books recommendations that are going to keep you hooked for a long. From a world of robots to artificial intelligence to computer hackers, these books will surely take any cyberpunk fan on the ultimate emotional rollercoaster ride.

cyberpunk books

The technologically advanced and aesthetically appealing world of cyberpunk would fascinate almost anyone. Whether you are a loyal cyberpunk fan or just beginning to gain interest in cyberpunk, the unique genre is home to space travel, neon lights, and also a tragic dystopian environment.

No doubt the world of cyberpunk seems amazing on the surface and as soon as you get to know about it, you would want to head to one. However, our list of the essential cyberpunk books recommendations will bring you closer to the fascinating yet dark reality of the cyberpunk world. Its exciting and reliable technology surely does come along with some drawbacks.

cyberpunk books

Cyberpunk Books

So, here are the essential cyberpunk books that make the best choice for every person who finds the cyberpunk genre interesting.

  1. Neuromancer

Author: William Gibson

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When we talk about the best cyberpunk novels, the conversation won’t be complete without mentioning “Neuromancer”. The famous novel has its plot set in the Japanese dystopian Chiba City. In this city, the readers will meet with the former yet extremely smart computer hacker, Henry Dorsett Case. Henry will be given only one chance to use his killer computer hacking skills. Because the weirdly appealing strange company Armitage has hired him to do their job. The job is to hack an extremely powerful and never-like-before Artificial Intelligence. This is going to be his final job.

  1. Do Android’s Dream of Electric Sheep

Author: Philip K. Dick

“Do Android’s Dream of Electric Sheep” also makes one of the best cyberpunk books of all time. If you had fun watching the movie Blade Runner, then you would be glad to read this amazing cyberpunk novel. Why? Because the epic movie series Blade Runner took inspiration from this very novel.

The plot of “Do Android’s Dream of Electric Sheep” cyberpunk book revolves around the post-world war era. The novel greatly depicts the devastated Earth after the effects of excessive radiation. From depicting mass animal depictions to fabrication of human and animal creatures. The absorbing cyberpunk novel will surely make any cyberpunk fan’s day.

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  1. Snow crash

Author: Neal Stephenson

Snow Crash is another epic cyberpunk read that has its plots revolve around the ironic freelance hacker, Hiro Protagonist. The unsettling 21st century is highlighted in the book. The main reason for the unsettlement is the crashing global economic crisis. Wherein big businesses have taken over the global territorial ownership in their hands.

Initially, the main character of the novel, Hiro, works as a pizza delivery guy. He is supposed to deliver pizza to the Mafia. However, he ends up losing his pizza delivery job. So, to make up for losing his essential job, he then decides to work as a freelancer. Eventually, he ends up taking up a freelancer hacking gig from the renowned Central Intelligence Corporation.

While entering the Metaverse, he comes across a dangerous computer virus, a virus that can double itself to become a narcotic.

  1. Altered carbon

Author: Richard K. Morgan

You might already be familiar with the newly trending Netflix series, Altered Carbon. Well, you will be amazed to know that the captivating and enthralling Netflix series has been taken up from Richard’s novel, Altered Carbon. Although the cyberpunk book and the Netflix series are far from the same. But you would surely find the great book enrapturing.

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The plot of the entrancing novel revolves around the events happening in the distant 25th century. During this time humans have become capable enough of capturing the planets in the Milky Way. Everyone lives forever! Instead, a procedure is followed to store a person’s consciousness at the very bottom of their brain. So, consciousness can easily be swapped from one body to another.