Not everyone knows about cyberpunk aesthetic clothing in detail. Hence, we are here to give you a detailed guide on cyberpunk fashion trends and how to style cyberpunk clothes.

The cyberpunk fashion trend became popular around the late 1980s. It continues to evolve even in recent times and has given birth to several subcultures of fashion. It was an aesthetic movement that highlighted the world’s low life, high-tech approach. This type of aesthetic and fashion trend was seen in major science fiction movies like the Matrix, Ghost in the shell, blade runner, etc. Since the incorporation of cyberpunk clothing in movies, people have also started to incorporate these clothing styles into their lives. Towards the late 1980s, cyberpunk aesthetic clothing emerged as a full-fledged fashion genre. Its popularity continues to increase even today, and the reality in which we live is slowly progressing towards a dystopian future.


Cyberpunk Aesthetic Clothing

 You must be interested in knowing how cyberpunk clothing looks like. Cyberpunk aesthetic clothing is characterized by dark colors having punk-like qualities. Cyberpunk styles incorporate high-tech materials, varying textures, and geometric shapes. Cyberpunk outfits are usually made up of dark or black gray-styled clothes. The fabrics of these cyberpunk clothes are extremely durable, structured, and low maintenance.

Cyberpunk fashion highlights the right combination of socio-economic setting and technology. As we already mentioned, it focuses on low life and high tech. We can break down cyberpunk aesthetic clothing into three major aspects. Let’s go through them one by one.

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  • Ragged/casual look

You need jeans, a tee, a jacket, and sneakers to get the perfect cyberpunk rugged or casual look. Now, if you are trying to translate cyberpunk style into everyday wearable fashion, it’s hard, but persistence can help you achieve the authentic cyberpunk rugged or casual outlook.

You need ripped jeans, quilted leather clothing, and a pair of high-top vans. Earth tones for clothes are preferred. Once you dress accordingly, get ready to add some junk jewelry, and voila! You are ready to hit the look!

  • High athleisure look 

Cyberpunk aesthetic clothing is undoubtedly expensive. To create this look, one must arrange a sweatshirt, skirt, shoes, and socks. Make sure they are durable and branded.

Now, you have to pair edgy and casual clothes together. You can add DIY works to your sweatshirt. For instance, you can pair a cropped sweatshirt with a pencil-length skirt that gives you a very Alexander Wang vibe. You can also take a basic tee and decorate it accordingly. Lastly, wear a pair of comfortable sneakers and twist your hair back.

That’s all. You are ready to rock the streets!

  • Uniform look 

For this look, one needs to have culottes, a leather jacket, an overcoat, and boots.

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If you are a working girl, plain old corporate, or a loner, you simply need to layer up an oversized denim shirt with culottes. You can wear a turtleneck tee underneath the leather jacket. Don’t forget to complete your look by wearing trending mid-calf boots in the end.


Is cyberpunk aesthetic clothing expensive? Cyberpunk clothing focuses on top-quality materials that are waterproof, breathable, and durable. It incorporates advanced detailing of clothes. Designers have to invest a lot of time and creative effort in manufacturing cyberpunk aesthetic clothing. The best quality items are manufactured in small batches and are in great demand.

Another factor contributing to the expensiveness of cyberpunk aesthetic clothing is the exclusivity of this fashion genre. Cyberpunk fashion is undoubtedly distinct from the other fashion trends of those times. Though buying cyberpunk clothing is extremely difficult, once you purchase it, it will retain its characteristics for a long time. Not everyone can make cyberpunk clothes. Hence, special makers have to be hired to make sure they design and manufacture nothing but the best quality materials. The priority is given to the quality of the item. People get what they pay for.

That’s all about cyberpunk aesthetic clothing. Trying out any of the Cyberpunk fashion looks is easy. Get yourself the necessary items and pair them. So experiment with the looks now and get ready to rock the world!