Cyber Goths are more in style than the conventional Goths in music, style, and fashion. Cybergoth fashion and its style draw inspiration from cyberpunk but not just the genre of science fiction and its subculture. The important characteristics of Cybergoth Fashion, including hairstyle, shoes, accessories, clothing, and makeup, show a particular view towards the entire world.

This line is shown with all differences, including those that are subtle enough. Cyber Goth chooses to dance to industrial music bands and show adoration toward cyber reality, technology, and the internet.


Cybergoth fashion is a combination of the rivet head, rave, Goth fashion, and cyberpunk and derives inspiration from all other types of science fiction. The style at times shows just a stark contrast in the neon reactive or bright themed color like blue, red, neon, pink, chrome, or green set with a primary black or dark colored outfit. Glossy or matte black materials like glory black PVC can be combined to create a more synthetic appearance.

  • Cyber goth Hair and Makeup

Hair is one of the most important indicators of rebellion, and that is why it is given great emphasis in all subcultures. Those who follow cybergoth Fashion Trends get their hair dyed and decorated with fancy extensions known as cyber dreadlocks. Cyber dreadlocks can differ in shape, length, color, and material. They can be created from genuine or synthetic plastic, hair, yarn, foam strips, tubular crain, and cables.

There are no boundaries concerned with the length and volume of the dreadlocks and hair, only with big hair that looks artificial and colorful.

Makeup is very complicated, and the color matches the entire outfit. Pale skin is a resemblance to the life spent within. It also demands the formation of some lighter tones than the required ones just to elaborate with the unique eye shadow and lipstick colors like yellow, blue, black, and green. This is a cyberpunk trope that follows an assumption that the futuristic outside has a lot of toxicity and can be very dangerous because of high pollution levels.

Cyber Goth makeup has an influential approach, and it is a resemblance to the makeup of drag queens. Eyes are often lined boldly, and there are times when this great eye makeup requires shaving out the eyebrows and re-drawing. Shiny beads with glittery elements along with stickers are well known amongst the females.


  • Cyber goth clothing

Clothing can often consist of reflecting panels and circuitry patterns, but none of this can be fixed as the rule of this fashion can be imagined in many ways. Neon colors, fishnet stockings, revealing clothing, layered fabrics, high platform boots, goggles, and fishnet sleeves are included in cyber goth clothing. All of this is combined with strong makeup, enhanced accessories, and luxurious hair. The most preferred materials are lycra, plastic, nylon, and latex. These durable, industrial, and futuristic materials can be easily mixed to achieve the desired punk look.

  • Bodily modifications

Since androgyny is very common, body culture also continues to reason in the Goth domain. There are absolutely no rules when talking about something like personal body modification; ideas are derived from the popular culture, different symbols that have been taken from symbols of danger or easy, direct, and recognizable signals. Tattoos and piercings are widely chosen, but the scarification is not so indifferent.

This was everything about Cybergoth fashion in brief. The different trends involved in this fashion are discussed above. The hair and makeup of Cyber Goth fashion are very different from other fashion trends. Cyber Goth fashion comprises color-matched corsets in black color with a hint of neon color. Reflective clothes, gothic outfits, and those that glow in the dark are also very common. PVC, latest or lycra clothes are also worn with radioactive and biohazard signs.