Cyber ​​Goth is different from other cultures that have evolved in human history. It’s a subculture because cyber Goth is formed by combining the elements of Goths and ravers and adding industrial aesthetics to it. Cyber ​​Gothrepresents the fine line that distinguishes Goths and ravers and Rivethead. This culture is quite different from the traditional Goth culture in terms of its music, style, and fashion. The major elements of this culture, like hairstyle, makeup, clothing, etc., reflect a definite stance towards the outer world. The followers are usually fans of industrial music bands such as Angelspit, Rammstein, etc. And adore the internet, technological advancements, and cyber reality and are.

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The culture is highlighted by fluffy leg warmers, wigs, and vibrant colored latex. It is characterized by revolutionary outfits and looks that are hardcore and vibrant. To some people, this culture can be intimate. We will read about the cyber Goth subculture in detail below.

What is a cyber-goth subculture?

As the name suggests, Cyber Goth tries to embrace the new deity of recent times: information. It tries to remove the dark elements of the existing Goth culture, filling it with vibrant and lighter themes.

We would now look into the aspects of fashion and style. Cyber gothic subculture’s complete aspect and essence rest heavily on existential philosophy, aesthetics, and the concept of a dystopian future information world. The cyber goth subculture is a mixture of these elements.

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cyber goth

  • Fashion and style

Cyber ​​gothic style is different because of its distinct use of materials, colors, adoption of a specific approach to makeup, and the use of goggles. Usually, colors like white or black define the cyber gothic culture. Another majorly used color is neon. These colors exist in every aspect of cyber gothic culture, be it makeup, dress, accessories, shoes, or hair.

This type of fashion aims to create a heavily styled outlook. Artists must pay attention to the minute details. It’s important to mention that this culture believes in a dystopian notion that gender differences don’t matter and also emphasizes the utopian notion that gender equality isn’t just possible to achieve but already exists.

  • Cyber ​​goth hair and makeup

Hair is a major symbol of rebellion in this culture. Cyber ​​goths usually have dyed hair and decorate them with extensions called dreadlocks. The dreadlocks can vary in color, material, length, and shape. Some can make dreadlocks from real hair, while others can simply attach them artificially. Dreadlocks can be made from materials like yarn, plastic, synthetic hair, cables, etc. There is no restriction regarding its volume or length. The only thing to be maintained is the colorful look of the hair.

Cyber ​​goth makeup is characterized by pale skin exaggerated with the unusual bright colors of the eye shadow and lipstick. Some people line their eyes with thick eyeliners, while some choose to shave their eyebrows entirely and draw them afterward. Females who follow the cyber goth fashion use shiny beads, glitter accessories, and stickers.

  • Cyber ​​goth clothing

In terms of clothing, this culture is highlighted by the use of layered fabrics on revealing dresses that are mostly neon colored. People wore high platform boots with stockings (fishnet). Needless to say, whatever people wore, goggles were a staple accessory in those times. The makeup was impressive, strong, and made quite an impression. Accessories were luxurious and made from materials like nylon, Lycra, latex, plastic, etc.

  • Music, parties, and festivals

 The cyber goth culture is differentiated from the primary gothic culture by its taste in music. Cyber ​​goths promote electronic music that incorporates alternative electronic genres like EBM, power noise, industrial noise, and club-oriented dance music forms like hard dance, trance, etc.

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Thus, as you can see, cyber Goth is popular among fashionistas due to its unique and loud characteristics. It isn’t for the faint-hearted. The “goth” in the term represents its scary side. Cyber ​​Goth is all about going the extra mile to create an aesthetically vibrant look featuring goggles, dark eye shadows and lipsticks, and voluminous dreadlocks.