Hello, crab rave dancers and the overgrowing rave community! Do you all embrace electronic music nights?? Are you craving to know the tits and bits of rocking your flirty skirts, show off your skins, ornated outfits, and Kandi accessories? This article explores everything you might need to consider when you visit the crab rave music party to take a significant token of memory from there.

crab rave

Before plunging into the mainstream, it’s important to note the characteristics of crab rave music and the ravers. As per the modern outlook, if the 80’s music had drugs, sex, and rock ‘n’ roll as its characteristic trademark then today’s fandom for music is undoubtedly raves and EDM music. So if you are planning to delve into raves and wanna be a crab rave dancer, then electronic music should be your ultimate taste.

Music With Techno Beats and Laser Light Shows

The high-energy music with beat drops, friendly atmosphere, and crab rave steps altogether in harmony is something these concerts are known widely for. Every individual for once love this zone and the same keep the ravers coming back for more since this trend has now been injected into the music culture and the veins of enthusiast.

Thus as a part of your raving experience, you get to learn a lot about the culture, what you should expect from such festivals, and little tips as well to help you enjoy every possible bit of the crab rave music and vibes.

Given below are 7 things you must know before entering your first crab rave location:

  1. Crab Rave invites everyone

Raves are one of the most acceptable types of concerts you’ll ever encounter. At every other concert, there’s a certain ‘kind’ of the crowd, for instance at Justin Beiber concerts if you’re not a 13ish girl, you would perhaps be looked at funny. But at raves, everyone is acceptable with whatever self-expression they wish to showcase and you won’t be rejected in any case.

  1. Pro Tip: Completely Charge Your Phone Battery

Charging your battery before leaving for the rave can prove to be a bonus point for you. You can also carry a power bank to suffice you because you will be capturing all the photos, videos, and moments meanwhile dancing your heart out like a crab rave. But apart from all that you ought to be busy constantly texting and trying to meet up with people and this usually drains the battery quick.

  1. Decide a meetup Spot

The crowd is obvious when it comes to raving festivals, so instead of panicking when you get separated from your friends and in case your phone also dies, make sure to decide upon a meetup spot. And as soon as anyone is found missing, run to that spot. Another thing you can do is to bring a unique identifier and this will do the rest for you, think of your hanky waved high in the air or flashlights and more.

  1. Wear Outfits That Do You

crab rave

Your outfit speaks for you and thus there are no off-limits to your spectrum. Match up shorts with quirky tops or whatever pants you embrace, and wear them without any hesitation. Amidst all your dressing debates, don’t forget to wear complementary shoes which are comfortable enough for you to dance like a crab rave.

  1. Kandi Trade Trick

If you wanna make new friends and catch up with them even later, ravers got tricks for you. Bring blow-up animals or wear costumes, do cosplays or have masks on, etc. to attract others towards you.

Everybody follows PLUR(Peace, love, unity, and respect), and thus meeting up with new people can be fun, and trading your Kandi is the easiest way to approach someone among the crowd.

  1. Best Tip: Carry Your Earplugs

You seriously need to carry them along and use them. Once you’ll visit enough shows to notice your ears ringing and the side effect of the hell loud crab rave music. It is somehow better to use them before you harm your ears and enjoy the show.

  1. Know Your Reasons To Visit The Crab Rave

If you are not into raves due to their music or if haven’t ever danced soberly onto EDM/crab rave music, your presence in the raves will be for the wrong reasons. And if so, do stay home can be the best advice.