A cowl is a kind of neckline that is formed due to the draping of a garment as it has circular folds around the neck. The word can explain the neckline of many different clothes, including an evening gown’s neckline and a raised neckline like a turtleneck.


Cowl: How did it come into existence?

These folds fall right below your collarbone. Cowl necklines gained popularity in the decade of 1930s though they are regarded to draw unsportsmanlike from ancient Greece fashion. The drape created by them helps flatten and not constrict the contours of a body. A cowl neckline shows a lot of resemblance to an unstructured, floppy turtleneck design that can drape under your collarbone.

In all the recent studies, the different ways in which a cowl collar can be used are from the deep neckline, simple middle front with novelty neckline, vested, cowl yoke simulated yoke, and cowl skirt, shoulder cowl, and cowl sleeve are also used. According to surveys, people mostly preferred the hip and neck cowl based on the color, style, texture, fad, and design.

What is a good cowl?

A good cowl will have an elasticized hem and look like a bubble at its front with overlays hanging from the primary part of the dress. It is mainly draped on the neckline as well as other body parts. The term has been derived from a Latin word meaning sleeve. It’s generally worn by people who follow any particular religious order. It also indicates a long cloak with a hood and wide monks of usually a similar color as habituated by the order. It is authentically a commonly worn out part of a garment mostly worn by both women and men. St. Benedict prescribed it for all monks that followed his order.

Additionally, the kind of garment that can separate the hood worn by the followers of Augustine is a very small hood connected to the Franciscans at a greater level. Another kind was the pleated chair robe which was carried on primarily by English followers of Benedict, and these are also known as cowls. They were popularized in the middle-aged period and gradually became formal clothing worn by those who lived a monastic life.


What are the different uses of a Cowl?

Different people wear cowls for different purposes. Some significant uses of it are mentioned below as follows:

  • Worn by people who live monastic a monastic life

The cowl is a very important part of the monastic dress. It has a lot of significance when compared to the veil worn by the nuns. Its importance was kept alive by the followers of St Benedict, among whom the hood and cowl are offered with clothing.

  • Used in women’s clothing

It is used in women’s clothing like gowns, skirts, etc. A cowl gown has a frilled later of rounded clothing near the front neckline. It can make a dress look unique and attractive for women.

  • Used in men’s clothing

The cowl collar is widely popular when considering men’s clothing pieces like shirts, kurtas, etc. All forms of men’s clothing can have a cowl neckline, giving you a very sharp and enhanced look.

  • Cosplay

Many people interested in cosplaying their favorite superhero or character can wear a neckline suit. Many skinny-fit t-shirts have a cowl neckline that resembles those worn by superheroes like the dark knight and batman.

So, the cowl neckline has become a very popular part of clothing lately. This neckline can be implemented in both men’s and women’s clothing which is the best part about it. Even for women’s clothing, the neckline can enhance the overall appearance of your dress to a greater level. If you are looking for options to buy outfits with necklines, you can check out online sites that offer numerous options with cowl necklines. Mentioned above are just a few of the many ways in which cowl necklines are used.

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