As you can probably see, pop-punk of the early 2000s is having its renaissance of sorts. With Machine Gun Kelly and Kourtney Kardashian, high fashion collections are scattered with fishnets, heavy chains, bleached bangs, and oh – choker collars. A fresh edge incorporating some futuristic computerism and hyper-femininity along with modern edgy styling is stealing the show now. With Avril Lavigne, Lindsay Lohan, and Bratz Dolls – some might say it is getting hot. The article below discusses why a choker collar is a necessary fashion item you should have in your closet and the variety of options you can choose from.

Choker Collar

Not only Rihanna, Gwenyth Paltrow, and Paris Hilton, the famous designers like Alexander Wang or Oscar de la Renta and so many others have fallen prey to the charm of the fitted necklaces that were once reserved for the royalty. Rich fabrics dusted with diamonds or pearls in the most subtle way of conveying grandiosity have changed their way into spiked collars since the punk outfits came in. But in this era of political unrest, social disasters, and widespread trauma, a choker collar can be a very stylish way to express dissatisfaction.

Also, a piece of choker collar can be used to revamp your wardrobe and give an extra little edge to your outfit. It is not that expensive but can be very useful if you want to stay a goth girl all year round.

Four ways to style your choker collar:

You probably have a studded choker collar hidden in your closet for your teen days. But if you do not, then you can pick some up.

  • First comes the classic look. You may have seen alternative girls or goth fans wearing this many times. Your studded or spiked choker should be worn tightly as your statement piece. Your top should not steal the spotlight. Wear some black vintage band t-shirts in a way that there is ample distance between the neckline and the choker. Or else the edginess would get lost.
  • If you want to get creative and try experimenting with a choker collar, this option is for you. Wear your classic studded choker around your neck. But if you can juxtapose the gothic look with a feminine pastel lace dress, it would look amazing. Or you can choose a floating chiffon tunic to go with your spiked choker collar so that it stands out in a crowd. The contrast between feminine clothing and gothic accessories makes this outfit very intriguing.
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Choker Collar

  • If you are a huge Avril Lavigne fan, then you can probably guess this look. Still, the idea is attached here. Following her retro emo fashion style, you can wear your spiked choker around your wrist. Donning your spiked choker on your wrist instead of your neck will soften the gothic vibe and give it a more punk or grunge look. You should wear a tight short black dress with heavy chains. And some black combat boots or heels would complete the look.
  • One of the most unique ways of wearing a choker collar is not wearing it around the neck. Like the models of Black Milk, you can wear your collar around your thigh. If you are going to a rock concert and want to impress people, try it out with a combination of vinyl skirts and basic tees or any tee that goes with a vinyl skirt. Wear a fishnet to emphasize. Finish off the look with some good old combat boots. This sexy, feminine, and gothic- all-in-one way of wearing your choker collar would be the best thing ever!

So this article has supplied you with some very unique and innovative ideas for wearing a choker collar. If you want to get more creative, you can wear the collar around your ankle, as your hairband, and even as a hair tie! A choker collar is such an accessory you can get many looks out of it. Fashion is a vehicle of self-expression where your personality shines!