Creating digital Experiences

The best dreams happen when you’re awake. We try to make those dreams a reality.

As a creative agency, we at Yllusion create digital content in all its forms and facets. We combine our passion for film & video, UI & UX design, coding & branding to create extraordinary digital experiences: Emotional, personal, authentic & thought out of the box.

Whether it’s corporate branding for international market leaders with visionary ideas, authentic image film & responsive website for SMEs and local businesses, or simply UGC content for Tiktok & Instagram Reels: we are your partner.”

Max Wellner, Founder & CEO (Yes, that’s me as Spiderman).

Passion. Emotions. Experience. Creativity.

Film is our passion

A picture says more than 1000 words, a film consists of thousands of pictures. We tell your story & show the world what makes you & your brand special.

Films touch us in a magical way that hardly any other medium is able to do. We help you turn your idea, your project, your storyboard into reality, with state-of-the-art equipment and love, lots of love.

Image films, commercials, product films, explainer videos, branded content & events: We immortalize every little moment and turn it into something MAGICAL.

Film production

Websites that feel simply MAGIC

We present your brand, your product or just your idea with as much attention to detail as if it were our own.

Web pages are not just a cryptic collection of zeros and ones. No, they should be much more. Our experts transform a simple website into a digital, magical experience as if it were out of this world.

Full Stack Web Dev: Whether it’s small wordpress projects, ecommerce / woocommerce, sophisticated SAAS platforms, or scalable multilingual platforms perfectly SEO optimized for the data octopus. Yllusion is your partner.

Storytelling for your brand

Good branding means not being forgotten, being stuck in your head. We achieve this with personal storytelling, simple but expressive designs & emotional content that gets to the heart.

Proper communication and discussion with your target audience is the key to success. Whether it’s Gen Z, Millenials, any demographics and milieus.

We help you learn to speak.

Film production

Metaverse, AI & Web 3.0

We shape the zeitgeist and set the trends of tomorrow, today.

Buzzwords like metaverse, blockchain, NFTs, ChatGPT and machine learning scare you? They should not! We help you use these tools to your advantage and create the world of tomorrow.

Latest VR & Mixed Reality Developments & the Road to General Artificial Intelligence. While your competition sleeps through tomorrow’s trends, you can sleep soundly. Because we are working on the ideas of the future for you.

User Experience & UI Design

“Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”

Design is art, and art is always in the eye of the beholder. For this reason alone, it is incredibly difficult to create good design in any facet.

At Yllusion, we follow our own design philosophies and create custom digital artworks & experiences.

Film production

UGC Content for Tiktok & Instagram

Short Form Content is the mega trend of the year. All major social media platforms follow Tiktok. Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts are the perfect tools to effectively share your content.

In our studio in Nuremberg, outdoors or on the road: We create authentic user generated content for you, whether it’s Tiktok videos, Instagram posts or livestreams.

Content is king, let us be your queen.


At Yllusion, we have a strong focus on our specialties. Our partners support you in further areas:

Adfluencer Social Media & InfluencerNekodanshi Walkingacts & EventsXENOconcept DevelopmentPrometheusz AI Tools

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step." Take that first step and write to us.